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〄Aʟʟ Bᴇᴄᴀᴜsᴇ ᴏғ Yᴏᴜ〄 [Ch. 4 Up]

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〄Aʟʟ Bᴇᴄᴀᴜsᴇ ᴏғ Yᴏᴜ〄 [Ch. 4 Up] Empty 〄Aʟʟ Bᴇᴄᴀᴜsᴇ ᴏғ Yᴏᴜ〄 [Ch. 3 Up]

Post  scmarshtacky Mon Sep 10, 2012 5:31 am

〄Aʟʟ Bᴇᴄᴀᴜsᴇ ᴏғ Yᴏᴜ〄 [Ch. 4 Up] 2zp6og7

So this is a story that I have been working on for the last two years. I have been writing it on a Word document, and have decided to start posting a couple of chapters to see how everyone likes it. I have 20+ chapters already written, but I will not upload them all at one time. What would be the fun in that? My plan now is to upload a chapter every Friday evening.

All life was normal in Tokyo, Japan, or so it seemed, before Mika Minamoto, a new transfer student, was thrown into the mix. A few days after her arrival, she uncovers the secret behind the chaos surrounding the city, herself, and her two newfound friends, Ayako Hanashi and Kana Tsuyoku, a secret that was undoubtedly best left uncovered.

A few things to note before you read:
~ I wrote this with the theme of an anime in mind, therefore, it can be a bit episodic at times, but I promise it does have a plot! You don't have to like or know anything about anime to read it, just know it is written a bit like one.
~ My knowledge of Japan is limited to what I can look up on the Internet (I have done a good bit of research) so if you do have a working knowledge of Japan and you believe my information to be wrong, let me know and I will change it. Smile
~ I love comments and kind critiques! If I misspelled something, or have a grammar issue let me know!
~ And lastly, if you don't like it, don't read it or comment. I sincerely hope everyone does like it though!

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〄Aʟʟ Bᴇᴄᴀᴜsᴇ ᴏғ Yᴏᴜ〄 [Ch. 4 Up] Empty Re: 〄Aʟʟ Bᴇᴄᴀᴜsᴇ ᴏғ Yᴏᴜ〄 [Ch. 4 Up]

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Table of Contents

~ Chapter 1 ~

~ Chapter 2 ~

~ Chapter 3 ~

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Chapter 1 – The New Student

Kaito sat playing his pencil and staring out the window. It was a normal day, or so it seemed, at his school in Japan. The bell hadn’t rung yet and his classmates were standing around chatting.

He heard footsteps approaching from down the hall and looked up to see his friend, Daisuke, bursting though the door of the classroom. The bell rang as soon as he reached the threshold of the door. Daisuke slumped over panting and then walked to his seat slowly with the teacher glaring at him on the way.

“Cutting it short are we?” asked Kaito as Daisuke sat down.

“It’s not my fault!” he argued as he shoved his long, dark brown bangs out of his eyes. “My idiot kid sister was being even more stupid than usual, and I couldn’t leave the house until I had to make her lunch! Do you know how incredibly hard it is to make lunch for her! She practically hates all foods!”

“Suzuki-san, if you don’t mind, I’d like to get started now,” the teacher interrupted Daisuke’s rant. A couple of people glanced at him, but, he looked down pretending not to notice them.

Kaito smirked and whispered “Good job...”

“Oh, shut up Kaito.”

“Now then class,” the teacher began again. “We will have a transfer student joining us today.”

Everyone in the class looked up as their teacher gestured to the door. It slid open and a girl stepped in. She had brown hair that was straight and went about midway down her back. She glanced quickly around the room her brown eyes quickly taking in the people and the scenery.

“Please introduce yourself.”

“I’m Mika... Mika Minamoto...”

“Alright then Minamoto-san, you can sit behind Takahiro-san near the window.” Mika nodded and headed to her seat.

She put her bag down, pulled out her newly acquired books, and kept her head down all through class. She could feel the curious stares directed at her but refused to meet any of them. Finally the bell rang for lunch, and people began to leave the room in groups. There were still a couple glances and whispers in Mika’s direction, but for the most part she was ignored.

She looked up as the black haired boy in front of her shifted and then stood up. He stretched and then walked out alone. Her focus shifted once again as she heard footsteps coming closer to her. She glanced up at the people standing at the side of her desk looking down at her.

“Hey, I’m Ayako Hanashi.” The slightly taller girl stated. She had dark brown hair and eyes. “And this is Kana Tsuyoku,” she pointed to the shorter girl beside her. She had circular glasses pushed far up on her nose and short black hair. “Anyway, you can eat lunch with us if you want,” Ayako said.

“Th-Thanks,” Mika said. She grabbed her bento¹ from her bag and let Ayako and Kana lead her out of the room. They turned left down the hallway and headed up the stairs until they came to the roof. Ayako opened the heavy metal door and let Mika and Kana through. Mika looked over the large flat roof. There was a small bench over in the far right corner, other than that, the roof was empty.

Ayako walked to the left of the door and into a small area that was sandwiched between the small structure that was built to cover the upper most platform of the stairs and the wall that went around the perimeter of the roof. “This is where we like to eat,” she announced. “It’s kind of away from people and crowds and not too many people bother us here.”

“It’s really nice,” Mika commented. She sat against the wall around the perimeter. Ayako sat directly in the corner and Kana was against the other wall around the top of the stairs. Mika had just sat down and opened her bento when she looked up. On top of the platform covering the stairs was a lump that she assumed was a person. She bent her head slightly trying to get a better look at who it was.

Ayako followed Mika’s gaze. “Oh, that’s just Kaito. He always stays up there during lunch. The lazy bum is always sleeping.”

“Oi,” a voice complained. “I’m not in such a deep sleep that I can’t hear you, you know.” The lump of a person on the covering shifted and sat up.

Mika immediately noted it was the same guy who sat in front of her. She had already noticed his hair was solid black, but now she also noted his bangs fell into his face slightly and his eyes were a shocking blue.

“If you’re not always sleeping then why do you stay up there?” Ayako retorted.

“Well, it used to be quiet enough for me to sleep during lunch until a bunch of noisy girls started taking over my area.”

“We’re not that noisy, and since when has this area belonged to you? As you can see Mika, this is the idiot that happens to sit in front of you. I’d probably keep your distance from him.”

Mika glanced at Ayako and then back at the boy called Kaito, who was rolling back over.

“Oh, and since you’ve disturbed me, Hanashi-san, I think you at least owe me some of that fish in your lunch box.”

Ayako grabbed a piece of the fish that she had, stood up, and threw it at him as hard as she could hoping it would nail him in the back of his head. To her dislike, he moved his hand and caught it in a flash without even turning his head. “Thank you,” he replied, his voice dripping in sarcasm.

“You’re very welcome,” Ayako stated matching his tone.

The rest of lunch break continued without any major events. Kaito stayed silent, and Ayako continuously asked Mika questions about where she came from and why she moved.

“Where did you used to live?” was Ayako’s first question.

“I used to live in a small town in Hokkaido,” Mika replied.

“Cool! So the amount of people in this school is really different then?”

“Yeah. My previous school didn’t even come close to this many people. It might have been one tenth of the student body here.”

“Wow...” Ayako paused with a bit of a dreamy expression on her face. “That must have been so nice. Why did you move then? It sounds like that town was nice enough.”

“It was.” Mika’s expression fell slightly. She paused for several moments before continuing. “When I was a kid, my parents died, and I was sent to live with my grandmother, well... she died just a few days ago, heart attack... So I was sent here to live with my mother’s brother...” Mika started crying softly. She impatiently wiped her sleeves over her eyes. “Sorry,” she murmured.

Ayako shook her head. “Don’t be.” She wrapped her arm around Mika and pulled her closer to her. They stayed like that until the bell rang. When it did, Mika jumped slightly, and then sat up. She looked at Ayako. “Thanks,” she said warmly.

“You okay now?” Ayako asked.

Mika nodded enthusiastically. “Yep.”

The group of three walked back down the stairs for the rest of the classes. As they arrived in the classroom, Mika was surprised to see Kaito already at his desk. She hadn’t heard or seen him get down from the roof, but then again, she had been a little detached near the end of lunch.

She walked over to her desk, sat down, and drug out her books again ready for the class to start. Kaito, who was sitting with his back against the window, glanced at her every now and again as if he was expecting something. Mika finally acknowledged his glances and lifted her head.

“What is it?” she questioned him.

He looked at her again. “Nothing really.”

“Then why do you keep staring at me?” she had a slight edge to her tone that would be undetectable to anyone other than Kaito.

“Fine then,” he consented. “I’m waiting for you to break apart again,” he smirked.

“You-you heard that?” Mika stammered blushing and averting her eyes out the window.

The bell rang for class to start, and Mika buried herself in her books not looking up even once. The class on continued slowly. Mika found herself glancing at the clock every two minutes or so. Finally, the last bell rang. Mika sighed in content and pushed all of her books into her bag. Ayako and Kana came over to her desk while the rest of the class poured out into the hallway which was filled with noisy students ready to enjoy their afternoon, or what was left of it.

“So how’d your first day go?” asked Ayako who was smiling down at Mika.

Mika stood up with her bag and smiled back. “Not bad at all.”

The three of them made their way down the nearly empty hallway and to the front doors with her new friends by her side. The trio turned left out of the school, but Ayako branched off down another street shortly after they had left the school.

Kana and Mika continued down the bustling road in silence. All the while Mika was attempting to start a conversation, however, every time she opened her mouth, words would fail her and she would close it once again. Eventually, Mika began to wonder if Kana disliked her since she had not said a word to her since they had met earlier this morning.

As she contemplated this, Kana stopped. It took a moment for Mika to realize this, but when she did she turned around quickly to face the girl. “Is something the matter?” she asked worriedly.

Kana shook her head. “My home is down this way,” she said indicating another road to the left. Her voice was quiet and gentle.

“Oh... well I guess I’ll see you tomorrow?” Mika hesitated slightly wondering if Kana would even want to see her or talk to her tomorrow or if it would be just like today.

“You will,” she stated. “Mika, it was nice to meet you,” she said smiling slightly her eyes softening ever so slightly. She nodded and turned down the street.

“You too!” Mika called after her bowing slightly. She continued on her way down the street happily humming to herself. As she got further out of the main portion of the city, the foot traffic lightened up allowing her to travel a bit faster. She reached her new home and paused in front of the tiny gate that led into the yard. It was strange to think of this place as home.

Mika slowly walked through the small front yard and up to the door. She dug in her bag for the key her uncle had give her on the first day she stayed in the house. He had warned her then that he was not her babysitter and she should not expect him to be home constantly.

Mika finally opened the door and looked around the dark house. “Tadaima²,” she murmured to herself. “I’m home,” her voice echoed in the gloomy darkness.

¹ Bento ~ It's basically just a lunch box.
² Tadaima~Pretty much I've already defined this, but it's 'I'm home.'

A/N~ Whoo, first chapter up. I was actually incredibly nervous posting this, so I do hope everyone likes it. Don't forget to comment and bookmark if you want to keep up with this story. Very Happy

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Chapter 2 – Target

Mika left the house bright and early that morning. She slung her school bag over her shoulder and set off. She felt slightly uncomfortable in her short sleeve and mini skirt she had for a school uniform – she'd had a slightly longer one in her old school. She had found the package after arriving home last night. It had been placed outside the door just right so when she walked in, she tripped and had done a face plant into the floor.

As she walked along she began to think of her new friends. They contradicted her own personality, but that didn’t matter. Some of her best friends back in Hokkaido were opposites of herself. Ayako was very outgoing and drew attention to herself. She seemed to like being the center of all happenings. Kana was quiet but she didn’t really give Mika the sense that she was shy. She just didn’t waste unnecessary words on unimportant things. Mika on the other hand, was indeed shy and usually quiet. She could stand up for herself when need be, but she’d much rather just fade into to the background and seem like she didn’t exist.

Mika looked up from the ground and a figure ahead immediately drew her attention. Even though she had only known her for a day, she recognized the figure standing on the corner of the street. She ran up to it. “Kana!” she exclaimed. “Were you waiting here just for me? Have you been here long?”

Kana dropped her eyes. “I’ve been waiting for an hour at least.” Her tone was deep and serious.

Mika stepped back horror-struck. Before she could even gather her thoughts, Kana giggled and looked up happily. “I’m kidding,” she said smiling. “It’s only been a couple of minutes or so.”

Mika realized she had stopped breathing, and took a deep breath of air. “That was mean,” she mumbled, but she couldn’t keep the smile off her face. The two of them started off to school together. It was surprising that even though they hadn’t even known each other for twenty-four hours, it seemed like they had been friends for months.

Ayako met them at the intersection of the two streets and the three happily walked to school together laughing and giggling all the way there. It was still early when they got to school, so Ayako led the group to a place under a large sakura tree.

“We like to sit here in the mornings when we have a little extra time,” Ayako explained. “It’s really pretty when it is in bloom.”

“I bet so,” Mika commented. She wished it was a cool spring day, but the heat and humidity of the day wouldn’t let her forget that it was only the beginning of the summer. Mika imagined how good it would feel when fall finally set in.

“Mika? Mika!”

Mika startled at the sound of Ayako’s voice. “Huh?”

“Were you listening to anything I said just then?”

“Ah... oops...” she quickly apologized and sent Ayako into laughter. Kana followed shortly after giggling, and Mika joined last in the merriment. Too soon, the first bell rang indicating students should begin moving to their classes. The girls sighed and headed in the building to begin the school day.

As Mika walked she had the feeling someone was watching her. She turned around and stared into the bushes. There was a slight rustle and she froze. A squirrel jumped from the bushes and onto a tree a moment later. “Must have been nothing,” she muttered to herself still feeling a little on edge.

“Come on Mika! Class is going to start without you!” Ayako called from the front door. Mika held her bag tight and ran up the stairs to join the other two. They ran to class and made it just before the bell rang. Mika hurried to her seat and sat down panting from running to get to class on time. It was after she sat down, that she realized Kaito was not here yet. She looked around but didn’t see him.

The bell rang, and the teacher came in, and that’s when he walked in as well. He was right behind the sensei¹, who apparently, had no idea that Kaito was behind him, and he took his seat without the teacher ever knowing he was late. Mika noticed that the boy sitting diagonal to her, across from Kaito was staring at him. Kaito had also noticed his friend and smirked. He could tell exactly what he was thinking by his glance. “Why is it that when I’m late I get in trouble and no one notices when you come in late?”

Kaito replied to the unspoken question with a glance of his own. I’m just awesome like that, he smirked.

Daisuke glared, but couldn’t help smiling. He rolled his eyes in an overdramatic way, and then faced the front. Class was extremely uneventful as always. Mika couldn’t help finding her mind wandering as the teacher droned on and on. She had already covered English up to this point in her old class, and was also pretty good at catching onto foreign languages.

The next class was math. Although, depending on the day, this period would either be math or science. Math was scheduled on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, while the Science classes were scheduled on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Mika was pretty decent in math as well. She solved all of the problems correctly, and ended up getting called to the board to solve a problem once, which she did correctly, to some of the students’ amazement.

Literature was the class was after that. It was probably Mika’s worst academic class, but she didn’t do terrible in that either. The lunch bell rang after the class and people began to disperse, exiting the classroom to find a suitable spot to eat lunch with their friends. Ayako and Kana met Mika at her desk, and they all headed up to the roof to eat.

The three ate lunch with minor conversations between each other. Near the middle of the lunch break, Mika became aware that Kaito had taken his place on the uppermost part of the roof. She wasn’t sure how long he’d been there, she just knew that he had gotten up there without using the ladder, which was near where Mika sat, and he had gotten up there with no noise or anything to draw attention to himself.

The bell rang again and they headed for the door. Ayako faced the lump that was Kaito and said, “You’re going to be late again if you keep sleeping! Just like you were this morning!”

An incoherent grumbling came from Kaito.

“Lazy bum,” Ayako muttered under her breath, and he moved so suddenly, that it was a blur. Mika jumped back in astonishment when she saw him jump and land right in front of Ayako. The jump was about three meters out and two down. How he did not hurt his legs from the impact of landing, Mika had no idea. However, he landed lightly and without a sound as if he were jumping off of something that was just several centimeters instead of meters.

Ayako stumbled backward a few steps, astonished, as he landed right in front of her. She blinked, and he smirked at her baffled face.

“Now then,” his voice was soft and honeyed, but it had the slightest edge to it, “who were you calling lazy?”

“I...Y-you could hear that?”

Kana took a couple of steps toward the two. She pushed her glasses up on her nose and said, “If we don’t get a move on, we will have a repeat of this morning, except Takahiro-san will not be the only one late.”

Ayako huffed, spun around, and took dramatic, marching steps to the door and down the stairs. Kana nodded her head to Kaito and also followed with Mika beside her. Kaito sighed and followed after them.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

It was finally the last class of the day, but Mika was dreading it as she changed. Ayako saw her concern and asked if she was okay.
“I’m just really bad at P.E.”

“Don’t worry about it,” Ayako encouraged. “It really doesn’t matter how good or bad you are. As long as you do something you get an A for the class.”

Ayako and Mika walked out onto the field together, and joined the rest of the class that had already gathered there. When all of the class had joined them, the coach walked up holding a soccer ball. “Today,” he spoke in a loud booming voice, “you will be playing soccer. We will need two teams and two captains, so who wants to be a captain?”

Ayako’s hand shot up and she glared at Kaito. It was obvious in her eyes; she was going to challenge Kaito for what he'd said on the rooftop earlier. He sighed and consented, raising his hand.

“Now then, divide yourselves in half and join a team!”

Most of the girls migrated to Ayako’s side and the guys headed for Kaito’s team, and the game began. Mika noticed immediately how athletic Ayako was, but then again, Kaito was just as athletic. Despite there being so many team members, it still seemed like a one-on-one battle between Kaito and Ayako.

After ten minutes, no one had scored a goal, but also as Mika watched, she noticed that Kaito was not playing seriously. His expression and movement in every way indicated he was playing around with her. As Mika watched, he snatched the ball and kicked it across the field to Daisuke who headed straight toward Mika. She froze knowing she needed to move, but couldn’t, and then he flew by her without a second thought and kicked it into the goal.

Mika saw Ayako panting and dripping sweat, scowling at the goal. As Kaito walked passed Ayako he whispered just loud enough for her to hear, “You’ll never beat me. You won’t even score.”

Ayako was lost for words, but her expression became furious. The game started back and didn’t leave her time to think about his words. The more the game went on, the more desperate her movements. She would pass to a teammate only to have someone steal the ball. When she kept it, Kaito would block her movement forward and steal it back. Once he started running with it, getting the ball back was hopeless. He was the fastest in the school, Mika decided, and no one could catch him.

The game ended with four to zero, Kaito’s team completely dominating Ayako’s. Everyone trudged back to the locker rooms. Mika walked until she realized Ayako wasn’t coming. Mika saw her kneeling down still on the field. When Mika got to her, she realized immediately something was wrong. “Ayako?” she asked hesitantly.

Ayako smiled up at her, however, Mika noticed the strain on her face. “I’m fine,” she said, but when she stood it was awkward. She put all of her weight on her left leg and pushed herself to her feet, when she took a step forward on her right foot, she crumpled.

Mika tried to grab her arm and support some of her weight, but she soon realized she wasn’t strong enough to support someone who had no use of one leg. Ayako’s face was clearly pained now, and Mika began to panic. Mika looked up, and noticed someone walking toward them. She waved her hand hoping whoever it was would come over to help. She immediately regretted her actions. It was none other than Kaito. Naturally, it had to be him.

Ayako gritted her teeth and stood up, trying not to appear weak. She went to take a step forward and for a moment held herself on her right leg, but before she could take the step onto her left foot, the right one gave, and she began to fall. He was under her in an instant, grabbing her right arm and putting it over his neck. Ayako regained her balance on the left leg, but as soon as she saw who had grabbed her she began trying to pull away.

He glanced at Mika as he held onto the flailing Ayako. “You should go back to class. Homeroom will be starting in less than a minute.”

Mika hesitated, glancing at Ayako and looking for any indication of what she wanted. Mika sighed when Ayako paid no attention to her and ran off toward the school. She didn’t change seeing as she was very nearly late. She ran into the room a second before the bell rang without her bag and still in her P.E uniform. She took her seat quietly.

The teacher began to go through the list of club meetings and upcoming events. As the final bell was about to ring, he said, “Hanashi Ayako and Hatori Tatsuya will be in charge of the cleaning this evening.”

Mika raised her hand. “Sensei, Hanashi-san hurt her ankle in gym today. I don’t think she can clean...”

“I see, well then Minamoto –san, you will be in charge of cleaning in her stead.”

“Yes sir,” Mika said quietly.

She glanced at Hatori across the room. She had never really noticed him, but now she studied his appearance. He had longer, wavy, dark brown hair that fell over his eyes. It didn’t really look like he brushed his hair, but at the same time, it didn’t look like it was knotted. One couldn’t see his eyes because of this hair. He looked like he would be strong, but she wasn’t entirely sure seeing as the uniform covered his arms.

The final bell rang and interrupted Mika’s thoughts and she watched as the class poured out into the hall. Mika stood up but didn’t leave her desk. Hatori-san also stayed across the room, but as soon as the teacher was gone, he turned to Mika a glint in his eyes. “I’ll leave the cleaning to you then, Mika Minamoto.”

Unable to say anything, Mika watched as he left the class and listened to his footsteps fade down the hall. Mika sighed and looked out the window at the flood of students pouring out of the school gates. She then faced the classroom and began to gather any trash that had been left in the room. She tied up the trash bag and set it near the door to take out later. She cleaned the white board and wiped off the desks.

By the time Mika was done, the sun was getting lower in the sky. She grabbed the trash and headed down the stairs and the hall and out the back door of the school. She threw it in the large trash bin, and then headed back into the school. As she was walking, she realized that she was still wearing her P.E uniform. She headed in the direction of the locker rooms on the other side of the school. Thankfully, the door had not yet been locked, although, many of the club students had already gone home.

Mika changed quickly back into her school uniform and grabbed her bag from the locker she had set it in a couple hours before. She headed back down the hall once again, hopefully for the last time today. As she walked, she began to feel as if someone were watching her. The feeling was much like it was this morning. A chill rippled down her spine. Mika looked around but saw no one there. She took a step forward and then heard it, footsteps heading in her direction from behind.

She whirled around, and nearly jumped out of her skin when she saw the figure. Then, upon recognizing him as Hatori, she relaxed and took a deep breath. Mika was about to open her mouth and comment on how he had scared her just now, but she hesitated upon seeing his eyes. Even through his hair, she could see that they gleamed with bloodlust.

He walked steadily towards her, and for each step he took forward, she took one back; however, he was still closing the distance. Before she knew it, he was nearly within touching distance. He was smiling in a mad sort of way like an animal that had gone rabid. He took another step and reached out toward her face, and Mika immediately took a leap backwards.

In the middle of her mad leap for freedom, she hit something. Knowing it could only be a person, since the end of the hall was still another ten meters or so away, she flung herself against the wall on her right. The scene that she saw in front of her, took several seconds to process. Two men stood before her, Hatori was of course one, but the other caught Mika off guard. Kaito stood there before her, his hand holding the wrist of Hatori which was outstretched toward Mika.

Hatori’s body had gone rigid when he realized who it was. He ripped his hand out of Kaito’s grasp and dropped it to his side. Mika was utterly speechless upon realizing how much power Kaito really did hold within the student body, even though he was a freshman. Somehow she could feel that anyone and everyone were under Kaito in ranking. He was stronger, faster, and smarter than anyone else in the school, and he held the respect of everyone else.

Kaito straightened himself and glared at Hatori. “Go home, now,” he commanded in a low voice filled with utmost authority.

Hatori did not make eye contact with Kaito, but he walked around Kaito and down the empty hall.

Kaito turned to Mika who was still shaking slightly against the wall she was pressed up against. “Are you alright?” he asked studying her.

She nodded but seemed unable to speak. After a couple moments, she managed to ask, “How’s Ayako?” her voice was shaking still but she was beginning to get herself under control.

“Eh, she’s alive. It wasn’t really that major, just a twisted ankle.”

“Oh...” Mika finally pulled herself away from the wall, and dropped the bag she had been clutching to her chest, down to her side. She glanced outside. It would still be light for another hour or so, she had enough time to get home. She turned back to Kaito and realizing that she hadn’t thanked him, she bowed. “Arigatou², Takahiro – san.”

“Kaito,” he corrected. “You can call me by my first name.”

“Then, Kaito-san, arigatou gozaimasu.”

He nodded in acceptance of her thanks. “Are you headed home now?”


“Then I’ll accompany you on your way.”

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Kaito and Mika walked down the street with Mika leading slightly, due to Kaito not knowing where they were headed. She very nearly went crazy from the silence that seemed incredibly awkward to her, although Kaito seemed to be unaffected by it. “W-why did you want to accompany me?” she asked in an attempt to start up a conversation.

“Does it really matter?”

“I-I guess not...”

Attempt at a conversation: failed. She sighed and continued walking. Then, out of the blue Kaito spoke continuing Mika’s attempt for a conversation. “You of course, would not know; however, Hatori Tatsuya is part of a decently well known gang in this area. Not many do know this, but I have ways of getting information and I tend to be aware of the people in the school.”

Then he stopped, and Mika turned around to face him. He stared her straight in the eye. “This will not be the last time you see him, Mika. He will come with more forces if he wants you as badly as I believe him to. Be aware of your surroundings and the people in it. I would recommend not traveling down the streets at night and traveling in a group.”

Mika’s eyes went wide and she stiffened. “H-he-he’ll come back? But I thought you –”

“I have only chased him away for today. It won’t be permanent, but at least he shouldn’t go after you tonight.”

“But why is he after me?” she demanded. “I didn’t even know his name until today! We’ve never talked before!”
Kaito shook his head slowly, “I cannot answer that.”

They continued down the road with Mika’s mind in utter chaos trying to figure out what she would do if he did come back. They reached her house too soon and she stopped at the gate staring into the ominous black house.

“Well then,” Kaito said looking at the house that was obviously hers, “I leave you.” He turned to walk away, and without thinking, Mika took a step towards him. He glanced over his shoulder at her.

“W-would you like to come in for tea since you brought me all the way here?” Her eyes stared at the asphalt beneath her feet. “If you want to I mean...”

“I suppose I can, if that is what you want.”

Mika looked up and a relieved smile broke over her face. She opened the gate, led him to the door, grabbed the key from her bag, and opened the door into the dark house; although it didn’t seem nearly as lonely as it had. the previous night.

¹ Sensei~ Teacher
** Arigatou ~ 'Thank you', gozaimasu is used in more formal situations.

A/N~ Another chapter, and it's a bit longer than the previous one. I hope the beginning with Kana didn't seem to weird, I felt like I needed to give her a little personality. She's just so stoic it's hard to do. ^^" Also, consciously using the metric system is hard! I figured since they were in Japan, I needed to use the metric system, but that's harder than I thought. lol

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Chapter 3 – Protector

Mika worked to prepare the tea while Kaito sat on a mat at chabudai* – the small and low-to-the-ground table. She had turned on the TV and had given him the remote, telling him to put it on whatever he wished. She brought out the tea after a couple of minutes and poured Kaito a cup before pouring her own.

Kaito was mindlessly flipping channels. He glanced at her and picked up the cup of tea. “You live here with your uncle, do you not?” he asked breaking the silence. “But he does not come home often I take it?”

“Yeah... but, how did you know that?”

Kaito didn’t answer. Instead he glanced back at the TV. It was set on a history channel which was currently airing old Japanese mythology. A man was talking about demons that once roamed among humans in the world. Kaito snorted.

“Do you not like the old stories, the mythology of Japan?” she asked.

“It’s not that I dislike it,” Kaito spoke cautiously as if weighing his words before he spoke. “I just think it’s interesting what humans come up with to fill in the gaps of their knowledge.” He suddenly turned and looked at Mika. “Do you believe what they say, that demons once lived in this world?”

“Of course not,” she stated as if he was insulting her intelligence. “That’s ridiculous. It’s simply impossible, and there’s nothing to prove it.”

Kaito laughed slightly. “I see. So if there is no proof then it mustn’t be true. However, what would you do if I told you that you were wrong?” He watched her intently for her reaction on the subject.

“Are you saying I am?”

“I’m saying you must never close your mind to the possibilities that are beyond your comprehension.”

“But they are not beyond yours?”

He leaned closer to Mika. “What if they’re not?” He smirked at Mika’s puzzled expression and pulled back. He took another sip of tea and started flipping channels once again. After he was done with the tea, he stood up and stretched. “Well, I’d best be leaving now.”

“Oh... well come back any time," Mika said as she walked with him back to the door. And Kaito left, causing the house to feel alone once more, but now it seemed even lonelier than it had the previous night, since Kaito had come and gone.

Mika slept very poorly that night. The words that Kaito had said about Hatori and others coming to mess with her again rang in her mind. She ended up getting up a couple of hours early because she lost the hope of any sleep she might get before school. She grabbed a towel from the closet, and turned on the shower. The warm water felt good running over her tense muscles, and for the first time in the past twelve hours or so, she relaxed.

After standing in the shower for very nearly thirty minutes, Mika dried herself off and began to rummage in the closet for clothes. She grabbed her uniform and once dressed, headed down the stairs into the kitchen. Mika rummaged around for food, only to decide that she really wasn’t hungry, so instead, she made her lunch for the day trying to keep herself busy for another half hour. She failed. Making lunches went by quickly and even if one tried to take longer, it didn’t really help much.

Mika walked into the living room, flipped on the TV, and aimlessly watched an anime that happened to be on until she decided it was late enough to leave the house. As she went to gather her things for school, she heard a knock at the door. Quickly grabbing her bag and lunch she ran to the door and opened it cautiously.

As she creaked it open, she recognized the person that stood before her, but it took her a moment to believe it was real. “K-Kaito-san? Why are you here?” she asked astonished.

“Why else do you think I would be here?” he retorted.

Mika stared at him blankly in response.

“I’m here,” he leaned closer to her face, “to accompany you to school.”

Mika’s expression was still slightly dumbfounded. “What? Why?”

Kaito smirked at her expression and said, “If you don’t move along, we’ll be late.”

A switch finally clicked into place in Mika’s brain, and she nodded shutting and locking the door on her way out. The walk was much like the night before. An awkward silence hung in the air, and neither bothered to break it. As they continued, Mika began to consider what she would say to Kana and Ayako when they met up.

As Kana’s street came into view, Mika saw Kana standing in the corner as she had yesterday. Mika ran up to her trying to put some distance between herself and Kaito, as if pretending she had no idea he was with her. “Ohayou**, Kana!” she greeted her.

Kana glanced at Kaito first, who was coming up behind Mika, and then looked at her, the question obvious on her face.

“It’s kind of a long story,” she replied to the unspoken question glancing over her shoulder at Kaito who had stopped behind her.

Kana nodded a greeting to him, and he nodded back in reply. And so the walk continued; however, the silence was two times worse now, with two relatively antisocial people in the group. Mika didn’t have any confidence in breaking it, so she just trudged along awkwardly.

Then the form of a person that had to be Ayako, loomed in the distance. As Mika neared she noticed the strange way in which Ayako stood. She also had a crutch in her right hand and all her weight on her left leg. It took Mika a minute to remember her injury from yesterday.

“Ayako!” she greeted as they came closer to each other. “How’s your ankle?”

But Ayako was not looking at Mika. She was staring at the person beside her. At first words seemed to have failed her as she glared at Kaito. Finally, the glare turned to Mika and Kana, and she studied them as if trying to find out who it was that invited him. In a moment, it had settled on Mika. “Why is he here? Did you invite him?” her voice was harsh.

Mika flinched away and backed up a couple of steps. “I...He...S-sorry?” she stuttered.

Ayako whirled around as best she could with a crutch and a bum ankle and stalked off in the direction of school. Kana glanced at Mika who seemed like she had no idea how to react. “I’ll talk to her,” Kana assured Mika and headed after Ayako.

Mika glanced at Kaito who was staring off in another direction. Her anger rose, and she marched away from him after Kana and Ayako. Mika arrived at school with Kaito still vaguely walking behind her. She was glad that he was far enough away for them not to be considered as “arriving together”.

Mika trudged into class miserably and plopped down into her desk not even bothering to glance in the direction of Ayako’s and Kana’s desks. The morning passed even slower today than it had yesterday. By the time the lunch bell rang, Mika was ready to pull her hair out in frustration, and of course, the more she thought about Ayako disliking her, the more she was beginning to dislike Kaito for causing the issues to start off with.

Mika was walking along up the stairs to the roof when she realized that the only people on the roof would be Ayako, Kana, and Kaito, none of whom she wanted to see. She immediately changed direction, heading toward open area on the side of the school. She headed for the large sakura tree that she and her friends had sat under yesterday morning.

It seems like yesterday morning was such a long time ago, she thought to herself. Mika settled herself down under the cool shade of the tree, leaning her back against the trunk. She unwrapped her lunch and took a bite. It was not long after, she looked up to see three men walking in her direction, and they stared straight at her. Then she saw him, Hatori, slinking behind the three walking in front. He wasn’t done with her yet she realized, and her blood ran cold as she froze on the spot.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Around this time, Kaito had made his way to the roof, and the two girls had just settled into their corner. When Kaito realized Mika wasn’t with them, he sat up and looked at the others asking. “Where is Mika?”

“I don’t know,” Ayako replied curtly.

“She isn’t with you?”


“Well then,” Kaito’s impatience was becoming evident now, “Do you know where she might be?”


Kaito sighed in frustration and leapt down from his spot on the roof. He flung open the door to the stairs and let it slam behind him as he rushed back into the school.

Kana glanced at Ayako. “Why do suspect he is so angered by this?”

“How should I know?” retorted Ayako. “They can just go be happy together for all I care. There’s no need for me to get in their way.”

Kana glanced at Ayako thoughtfully and then returned to eating her lunch without another word.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Kaito flew down the stairs and immediately traced where Mika had been. He headed quickly out of the school and around to the side, where he saw four others in the distance. Only one of which he recognized, but he didn’t need to know the others to get a firm grasp of the situation.

Mika was unable to move as the rough looking boys approached her. It was only then, when it was too late, that she remembered Kaito’s warning of staying in a group. She had been so disoriented by Ayako’s hostility towards her that she had forgotten, that is, until now of course.

As it were, she was frozen to the spot, chopsticks still held in the air. She had three choices then: try to run, it was unlikely that she would be able to get away from the three men, two: fight, this really wasn’t an option at all considering her lack of physical ability, three: scream for help. This one was definitely the best of the three options, but of course her mouth had to be as dry as cotton, and she couldn’t even manage a sound at this point.

They were almost within touching distance now. Mika jumped up at least to feel slightly less vulnerable than if she had stayed on the ground. Due to her legs shaking and her weak knees she had to put her hand on the tree to support herself.

“Well, well, well...” Hatori said as he walked to the front of the small group. “I found my prey once again,” he whispered the words getting closer to her ear. “You’ll never escape me. I have a much greater power and force than you. Even with the controller, Kaito, on your side.”

Hatori took a step back from her and snapped his fingers. One of the guys, naturally the biggest, stepped from the group. “Let’s have some fun together gurlie.” His voice was gruff, scratchy, and deep. To Mika, he definitely screamed gang member. He was heavily built and probably had a couple hundred pounds on him, and incredibly strong, his bulging arm muscles reflected his strength. His skin was dirty looking, he had several large tatoos, and his hair was very long.

Mika attempted to back up, but felt the tree against her back.

His hand reached out slowly reaching for her face. Mika closed her eyes and prepared herself for some sort of impact. She felt a warm breeze against her face, but no contact with the hand that was looming towards her moments ago. Mika opened one eye tentatively, which immediately turned into a wide-eyed stare. He was before her once again, much as he had been before. His black hair flittered across his face in the wind, almost hiding the murderous, cold blue eyes.

Kaito stood his hand gripped around the imposer’s wrist, and no matter how hard the huge man pushed or pulled, Kaito’s gripped neither softened nor gave way.

“You little brat!” he yelled in frustration, through gritted teeth. Forgetting the left hand that was immobilized, the attacker hurled his right fist straight at Kaito’s head. Kaito reacted so quickly that no one knew what he had done until the attacker’s fist came to a sudden halt. The barrier was again, Kaito’s hand. He had simply held up his left hand and stopped the assailant’s fist.

The man’s face twisted in utter rage and his face got so red that Mika thought he would literally explode any minute, and he seemed not to be able to utter any words so he just growled incoherently. The other two members of the group stood back watching as if to say ‘it’s your fault you’re in this situation; get yourself out on your own.’

Hatori was also in utter shock and seemed incapable of movement, although his face quickly began to contort in anger. In blinded rage, the first man pulled back his fist again, but before he had even got his arm back far enough to throw a good punch, Kaito twisted his right hand hard which also twisted the attacker’s wrist. In the same breath, he picked up his right leg and thrusted it into the gut of the man.

The force was so powerful that it sent him flying backward a couple of meters. It almost seemed impossible to even get him off of the ground but Kaito had managed to do it. After their comrade had fallen, the other two charged forward simultaneously, screaming incoherently.

Kaito easily dodged to the side to avoid the punches. He hit the second man in the group with a strong punch adding a slight twist on it so when he went flying backwards, the attacker spun slightly. Kaito whirled around to the third and landed a kick that made the man drop immediately onto the ground.

Mika realized that she hadn’t taken a breath since the brawl had begun, and instantly gasped for air. It took her a moment before her eyes would focus on Kaito once again. He strode forward slowly, but powerfully, toward Hatori who was staring panic-stricken at the immobilized recruits Kaito had struck down in a matter of a minute.

Kaito grabbed the collar of his shirt and jerked him so that their faces were centimeters apart. Kaito murmured something to him and thrust him backwards onto the hard ground.

Tell your boss to start counting his breaths. He won’t live much longer. I’m coming for him.

He then turned to Mika. As he walked toward her, his gaze began to lose to mad and murderous look it had, and became expressionless. His muscles seemed to relax slightly, but still held an enormous amount of tension in them. When it finally hit Mika that the skirmish was over, her knees gave way. Kaito was behind her in a flash, holding her shoulders to keep her from falling. Then, he gently lowered her to the ground.

Neither said a word for a long time. Neither wished to talk nor had a clue what to say. It was Mika that finally broke the silence with a simple question, “Why?” she whispered barely audible.

Kaito didn’t answer, or even look at her, so she turned to face him. “Why are you protecting me? Why would you...” she trailed off not exactly sure how to word the questions that arose.

“Who knows...” he finally answered. “But before you worry about that, class has started,” he announced gazing at the school. Mika jumped up, and immediately regretted it. Her head spun and she felt nauseas and dizzy. "Follow me,” Kaito ordered her without looking back.

“But–” she began, but Kaito cut her off with a sharp glance. Mika lowered her head in consent as she followed Kaito into the school building.

Kaito walked into the school and headed right down a hall Mika hadn’t been on before. She followed him wondering what in the world he had up his sleeve now. He stopped outside a door labeled ‘nurse’s office’ and Mika understood what he was doing. Although she didn’t like the idea, she took a deep breath and tried to play the role of looking sick. It wasn’t too hard considering she was pale and was in a cold sweat due to the trauma with those that had tried to attack her.

Kaito slid the door open and younger girl’s head popped up to look at the newcomers. Mika figured she was probably in her mid-twenties. “Hello Amano-sensei,” Kaito greeted her.

“Ah, hello Kaito,” she replied. Her voice was soft and gentle and she had a concerned look as she glanced over Mika. “What seems to be the problem today?”

“She’s not feeling too well. I believe she feels a little nauseas,” Kaito replied.

The nurse nodded and motioned Mika over to her. She took her temperature, and after confirming she had nothing physically wrong with her, she gave her a couple of plain salt crackers and a small cup of ginger ale soda. Mika picked a bed and sat down to nibble on the crackers.

“Kaito,” the nurse spoke, “You can go back to class now.”

“I was told to stay with her,” he lied easily.

“Well...alright then. I have something I have to pick up, so please stay here quietly,” she told the two before leaving the room.

Kaito sat down against the wall that Mika’s bed was pushed up against. Once again, they elapsed into silence. It was Mika of course that had to break this silence. “Do I have to stay here all day?”

“No, I think we can go back after the current class ends in another thirty minutes.”

“Was this your solution to skipping class?”

“Mostly...but you really did look sick.” He glanced up at her with his cold blue eyes contemplating how she looked.

“Were you born in Japan?” Mika asked suddenly.

Mika noticed Kaito stiffen slightly and become guarded. “No... not really.” His words he spoke carefully slowly as if making sure what he was saying was the right thing.

“You don’t have to answer if you don’t want to...” Mika replied noticing his reactions.

“In a sense I was born here, but I really wasn’t.” He glanced at Mika a light smirk on his face. “I’ll leave you to take whatever meaning you can out of that.”

“Here, but not...?” Mika mumbled her face screwed up in concentration.

Kaito laughed softly. “Why did you ask that anyway?”

“Hm?” Mika replied snapping out of her analysis of his words. “Oh, because of your eyes. Not really any Japanese people have blue eyes, unless they are of mixed origin like Japanese-American.” She glanced at Kaito questioningly.

“I’m not part American or anything else.” Heck, I’m not really even Japanese, he thought to himself.

Silence took over once again; however, this time, it was interrupted by the bell for last block. Mika finished the crackers rapidly, and Kaito scribbled a note to the nurse saying that Mika felt better and they were going back to class. They raced down the halls to their classroom and amazingly arrived before the teacher had come in. Most of the students were talking amongst themselves so only a few noticed when Mika and Kaito came in.

Mika realized then how odd it would seem for the both of them to be missing and then come in at the same time. Certainly people would start to talk; although, most of those types of people were busy gossiping about something else, and had not noticed them coming in, in the first place.

As soon as Kaito and Mika had sat down, the teacher walked in. Mika hastily pulled out her books and tried to ignore the murderous gaze she felt from Ayako. Time passed slowly, and the more Mika glanced at the clock, the slower the time seemed to go. She attempted to pay attention but utterly failed. She just had way too many things on her mind. After an hour of torture, the school bell finally rang, although Mika didn’t leave her seat. She turned around to look at Ayako across the room who had turned her way with that murderous glare.

Kaito had just turned around to look at Mika as well, and he spoke in a voice loud enough for just Ayako to hear. “If your ‘friend’ doesn’t care that you were attacked, I think you should forget her. She obviously has no right for you to call her a friend.”

Mika watched as Ayako’s expression slowly turned into one of curiosity instead of hostility. She walked over slowly with her head down. “I’m sorry Mika...” Ayako said. “So what happened anyway?” She looked up and stared at Mika her expression clearly saying ‘give me all the details’. She quickly glanced sideways at Kaito and then returned her attention to Mika. Kana walked over too, to listen in on what had happened.

“Well...” she muttered. She wasn’t really sure how she should word the events that occurred.

“Hatori decided he wanted to have Mika, so he’s been getting after her,” Kaito said in an off-hand tone.

Both girls’ eyes widened. “Hatori what?!” exclaimed Ayako.

“Is that why he didn’t come back to class after lunch?” Kana added.

Mika quickly shushed her. “I’ll explain on the way home,” she muttered trying to get away from some of the awkwardness of having Ayako and Kana staring intently at her.

So as they were walking home, Mika tried to give all of the details that she could, and Kaito, who was following them, much to their dislike, would chime in on parts Mika breezed over. Ayako was so into the story, she skipped her road to listen to the rest of it.

When finally everyone had gone their separate ways, Mika sighed in relief. She had her friends back, and they all understood her position; although she got the feeling Ayako thought of it more as a surreal experience.

“So what are you going to do over the weekend?” Kaito questioned.

“Oh yeah! I forgot it was Friday. I’m not sure what I’m going to do. Probably stay in the house and get things organized.” Kaito walked Mika up to the gate of the yard. “I guess I’ll see you...” Mika said as she turned toward the yard.

Kaito only nodded, and watched Mika go in.

*Chabudai ~ Low coffee table. Refrence if you want it. Smile
**Ohayou ~ Good Morning

A/N ~ Have you ever had a really good friend that began to hang out with someone else? That's kind of where I'm going with Ayako in the beginning. It isn't really like she hates Kaito. She sees him as a rival, and is now jealous because she feels that he is stealing her newfound friend.

I sort of played with the mythology to make it fit my needs for this story. Although I don't believe it to be too far off since Shintoists believe that everything has a spirit, and that oni or 'demons' do exist in the world.

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Chapter 4 – Assault

After returning home, Mika decided to go ahead and finish the school work she had been assigned over the weekend. At least, this was her excuse to get her mind off of the attacks. The house remained quiet and still as the evening progressed. When she finished said homework, Mika headed down to the kitchen to prepare supper for the night. After looking around in the cabinets for several minutes, Mika decided there wasn’t enough food left in the house to prepare a suitable meal. Therefore, a trip to the supermarket became inevitable.

Sighing, Mika looked out the window at the darkening sky. She really didn’t want to go out. Kowai, kowai¹, a voice echoed in her head. She shook her head and resisted the urge to scream “shut up”, at her own imagination. Grabbing her coat and small purse, she headed out of the house and into the night.

She was as far as the gate to the yard before she heard a voice. “Where are you going at this hour?”

Mika jumped. She swore it must have been several meters in the air. A figure then became evident as it slowly stepped into a beam of light. Mika’s eyes widened and she tried to slow her racing heart. “Kaito!!” she exclaimed. “Are you trying to give me a heart attack?!”

“No..." he replied sounding innocent. “However, it would be in your best interest to not leave your house, don’t you think?”

Then another thought occurred to Mika. “What were you doing waiting out here?! Were you just waiting for me to come out? Are you that much of a stalker?!”

“Calm down, calm down,” Kaito urged. “You’ll get everyone in the neighborhood outside at this rate.”

“But you –”

Kaito cut her off. “Yes, I was waiting out here, but not for you to come out. I figured others might try to come in instead, and I’m not a stalker. I simply decided that this would be the best spot to wait just in case your actual stalkers showed up. So, what are you doing out anyway?”

“Well I was planning on going to the store; otherwise, I won’t have any food to eat tonight.”

Kaito nodded. “I see. Well then, shall we be off?”


“Yes, ‘we’. It would be your luck that the minute I stop following you, would be the minute you are kidnapped.”

“Why do you care about me that much?”

“I have my own reasons. None of which I’m planning to tell you.”

Mika glared at him for a moment, and proceeded to walk down the street to the store with Kaito following her slightly. The streets were still fairly crowded which made Mika feel more at ease. They reached the store without any problems, and Mika hurried to gather up what she needed for the next couple of days.

Mika headed down the street once more with her few bags, and Kaito still following her as he had been on the way. They didn't pass nearly as many people on the return trip. It didn’t bother Mika at first until she began to think about it more, and then the lack of passersby seemed more ominous.

They had not gone far when Kaito began to walk closer to Mika, and he seemed to become more alert and wary. He walked beside and bent his head slightly to whisper in her ear, “We’re being followed.” Hearing this, Mika stopped dead. “Don’t stop!” he whispered urgently pushing her forward with this hand.

It was too late though. A small group of about six guys stood in the road in front of them. Kaito quickly turned to the right onto another smaller road. However, after taking the road, he regretted it immediately. It was less like a road and more like a wide alley with buildings lining both sides. And a group of at least fifteen guys were closing in behind them.

We were herded... Kaito thought bitterly to himself. Oh well, it should be okay like this...

After reaching the end of the short alley, Kaito turned to see those perusing them. Kaito could feel Mika quivering fearfully beside him. As soon as they stopped, the group did as well; however, as they did so, most reached into their pockets to grab a knife. Those few that didn’t have a knife, drug out a gun hidden in their belt.

Kaito glanced at Mika who was cowering behind him, but she stuck her head out far enough to see the events unfolding. One of the buffer guys stepped to the front. He was clearly the leader of this particular group. “I think you know what we want. So, hand her over, and you’re free to leave. If not...” he flipped his knife in and out several times, “we’ll gut you.”

Kaito’s face immediately turned cold. “I see. Well then, it can’t be helped can it?” Kaito grabbed Mika’s arm and shoved her forward. “Just don’t get to cocky. You’ll regret it in the future.”

Mika suddenly whirled around. “K-Kai...to?” Her eyes were scared, pleading, begging him not to abandon her. The look she got in return froze her to the very core. It was the same look he had given to Hatori, to all those he had fought off previously. Now she was receiving his murderous gaze. It must be the end now...all hope was gone...

Two of the guys walked up and grabbed Mika on the arm. She didn’t fight, she didn’t have the energy left, and there was no way she could win anyway. She was dragged to the group that surrounded her and then headed out of the alley.

Kaito watched the group leave. His expression never changed, but he bent down to pick up the bags Mika had been carrying, and set them in a corner so that he could collect them later. He walked out of the alley and took a deep breath, then began to track the gang that had kidnapped Mika. It was about time for the hunters to become the hunted.

Kaito followed far behind the pack. He couldn’t see the group but it didn't matter, they were easy enough to follow. The gang group never got near a main road where people were passing. They kept to the shadows of the back roads that always seemed to lead into even smaller back roads.

Eventually the maze ended at an old, run-down, smaller hotel, or at least it looked like a hotel. It had three floors, many of the windows were cracked or broken, and the bricks seemed like they would crumble any moment. Kaito studied the building for a moment. He saw a small gap between the gang’s base and the building next to it on the right. He slipped into the gap and began to look for ways into the building. He found a small window well above his head that had a small ledge where one could put potted plants. Kaito took a deep breath and leaped.

Mika was vaguely aware of being drug into a run-down building by the rough gang members. They fiddled with the door for a moment and then shoved Mika into the dimly lit building. Once they had entered a figure emerged from the shadows.

“You have what the boss wanted I presume,” said a familiar voice. He walked a little closer, and Mika recognized him, Hatori.

The man leading the group that surrounded Mika answered, “Do you think we would come back empty handed?” He gestured, and the members that had surrounded Mika until now parted so that Hatori could confirm that they had obtained the prize. Hatori assumed the lead and guided them to a staircase. They took a staircase to the upper floor where it opened into a narrow hall that led to only one room on the end.

Hatori walked up to the door and knocked. “We’ve brought what you requested Boss!” he called into the room.

“Enter,” a cold and scratchy voice replied.

Hatori opened the door and the men surrounded Mika shoved her inside. She stumbled forward and fell into the room. Hatori also stepped in and shut the door behind him. After a moment Mika dared to look up. The man in front of her was sitting back comfortably on a couch watching her. He had long and wavy brown hair that fell into his eyes.

“You may leave Hatori,” he commanded. The man stared at Mika without saying anything for a period of time.

“W-who are you?” Mika finally got the courage to ask. No answer; although he stood up from his seat and walked to where Mika was still sitting on the floor. He took her chin in his hand and lifted it up slightly to get a better look at her face.

“Well, well, you are a beauty aren’t you? For a human at least. And with one of the best scents in the world.” He ran his hand through her hair. Suddenly, he stiffened and all went quiet. “He got here faster than I had planned...” and the door suddenly made a cracking noise and fell down to the floor with a thud.

“Get your hands off of her,” came a low growl from the threshold. Recognizing the voice, Mika whirled around to see Kaito standing erect and threatening.

“What interest could you possibly have in this human?” The man replied as his face slowly contorted in anger.

“That doesn’t concern you.” Kaito’s voice was still dangerously low.

The stranger stiffened, and his eyes got a wild and mad look to him. Mika watched in astonishment as his hair seemed to grow even longer, as did his nails. His teeth also sharpened to a point and the white around his eyes faded into a darker red, like blood. His skin seemed to gray slightly. His whole appearance was extremely devilish.

Mika put her hands over her mouth, and her eyes widened in horror. The demonic-like creature lunged at Kaito. Mika closed her eyes in fright, and there was a screaming noise that quickly died. She opened her eyes slowly, and turned around prepared for the worst, but the creature was gone, nowhere to be found, and it was at this time she became aware of a smoky smell in the room. She slowly raised her eyes to look at Kaito who was glaring in disgust at a small mound of dust on the floor.

Was that there before? I was too afraid to notice... she thought to herself.

“Can you stand?” The sudden noise broke the quietness of the room, and Mika jumped. She nodded, although when she tried to stand she found her knees were very much like jello. She would have immediately crumpled to the floor had Kaito not grabbed her elbow to steady her. He helped her over the broken door on the ground, and they walked out of the building together and back into the dark streets.

¹Kowai~ I'm scared.

A/N~ Well here's another for you all, although it's a little shorter than the previous one. Sorry ^^" I don't have too much to say about this one except that I hope I haven't thrown anyone off by the supernatural twist. Razz


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