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∞The Phantom∞ 344v9eg
Note:I've been working on this off and on, and Ive started slacking off abit on writing this. I'd love to start again but I need a little motivation and by posting it here I'm hoping to get some if people think its good Smile Anyway, Please enjoy and let me know your thoughts. (Spelling and grammar may be off, if you spot some, please correct me!)

The legend of The Phantom has been told to every pup over many centuries throughout the Kingdom. It was first created during the cruel rule of King Caliph, a strange white wolf, whose identity was a mystery, was traveling around the Kingdom killing the King’s savage guards that attacked innocent families in their dens. He was never caught and seemed to vanish like a Phantom, giving the white wolf the name he bore. The generation is believed to have continued to a 6th wolf, and as the King’s guards have become more civil, The Phantom has only taken part in outside matters, still staying hidden. Is this Phantom a myth, or a Legend to be true?

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∞The Phantom∞ Empty ~The Phantom~ Prologue

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300 Years ago…
A pure white wolf was thrown to the ground by a great wind, his breaths coming in gasps. Blood pooled at his paws, soaking them and turning the ground dark and forever stained. It was the blood of his brother.
Gathering himself, the white wolf sat back on his haunches, his eyes dulling from the heat and fury of battle. In its place they filled with cold fear and regret, but mostly a pain like no other.

“Kida, Kida… what have you done? What have you done to your dear brother, Kida?” The wind whispered quietly in his ears, causing him to wrench his eyes closed even tighter, fighting back tears.

“It wasn’t my fault,” Was all he could manage to whisper in response.

“Kida… Kida your brother’s soul was not yours to take. Kida, what have you done to your dear brother?” He sat up quickly, blinking to clear the tears from his bleary eyes. The wind could not respond… so who had? The blood around his paws and muzzle felt sticky and he could imagine it burning him. Had someone been watching the whole time? No, no that cannot happen.

“Who’s there? Show yourself!” Kida’s voice faltered as he almost hung his head with defeat. Whoever it was, they had perfect permission to kill him right there and then.

Nothing Answered.

“Show yours-!” Infuriated Kida snarled then stopped abruptly as a grey she-wolf seemed to appear out of the air as the wind gusted heavily. Her eyes were bluer than the summer sky; her fur looked softer than downy feathers. Kida swallowed; this was the most beautiful wolf he’d ever seen… she almost seemed to shine like starlight.

“Do you know who I am Kida?” Even her voice was beautiful and gentle.

“N-no, but… apparently you know who I am.” She blinked once, her gentled eyes giving nothing away.

“I am Amatis, keeper of souls and goddess of beauty. What have you done to your dear brother, Kida?” Her voice suddenly grew hard, and a flash of a pearly tooth gleamed in the sunlight. Kida frowned, and then smirked.

“A goddess. That’s what you’re saying you are?” His amber eyes looked her over before he began to laugh. “Seriously? That’s ridiculous! I don’t feel like fooling with superstitions right at the moment, so if you’ll excuse me-”

“Silence, you dare call me a liar?” Amatis snarled, her beautiful figure contorting into a snarl. But that was before she began to grow, causing Kida’s smile to slowly fade. His eyes widened and he backed up until he stood beside his brother’s body, before him stood the grey she-wolf, as tall as a large horse. Amatis raised her head, looking down upon him.

“Amatis is who I am, Kida. I am the keeper of souls. It is I who decides when to take a soul from this world’s bodily prison to the afterlife.” Her blue eyes flickered like a hot flame. “Your brother was given many more years in this world, and yet you took them away. Another mortal has no right to decide when to end a fellow mortal’s life. You gave me your brother’s soul, Kida, and I was not ready for it.” Amatis sounded like a mother scolding her pup for rolling in the mud.

“I-I didn’t mean to. Honest-"

“But he is dead. It cannot be undone! His soul cannot inhabit a body such as the one you tore open. I was not ready for him yet.” Her voice was steady and unwavering in tone or emotion. Before he had even noticed it, Amatis had shrunk to normal wolf-size. Un-wanting to meet her gaze, Kida kept his eyes locked on the ground.

“I'm sorry! We always fought, but never like this. He pushed it too far, talking of mother like he was. But please Amatis; I never had any intention of killing him!” Kida looked up, his golden eyes blurry. “I-“He choked. “I’m not a murderer. I-I’m not...”

“But you are, Kida. A ruthless, damned murderer whose soul will forever be tainted by the blood of your brother. This is what happens to murderers, Kida. Your innocent brother is in his afterlife, but incomplete and premature. Because of you it may take centuries for him to adjust, just like other poor souls that I was given far too early. You are damned, Kida. Forever.” Amatis began to fade, her blue eyes still smoldering. Why he out of all wolves who has murdered, had she decided to show herself to? Kida’s eyes were wild with fear, darting across the ground as if searching for an answer.

“Amatis! Wait! Please, forgive me! Please, Amatis! I shall do you any favor!” Kida fell to the ground, pushing his belly to the earth as he looked up at her fading form. “Please, give me a chance to make it up for my brother! I will do anything!” He cried, eyes hollowed.

Nothing Answered.

“Anything… Anything… I will do anything.” Kida wept, his face pressed firmly against the ground. Never before had this proud wolf ever let tears slide down his face, or allow himself to be seen this low. Hmf, what would your brother even think if he saw you like this? Pathetic… and yet…

“Stand, Kida.” A gentle voice whispered in the wind. Slowly Kida looked up, his heart dull, and did as told. Amatis still stood before him, her figure whole again. Her head was tilted to the side a bit, her eyes narrowed into slits.

“You puzzle me, Kida. No other mortal has captured my attention like you have. I see a churning in your heart that has never been present in a murderer. You truly will do anything for your brother; To cleanse your soul of his murdered blood and be cleared of being a murderer?”

Kida looked at her hopefully, dipping his head. “Yes, Amatis. I will do anything.”

She paused, looking thoughtful, and then smiled. “Very well; as you will do for your brother, you will also do for other souls sent to me before their time. Kida, your soul is mine now,” Suddenly Kida’s limbs jerked sending him falling to the ground gasping in pain. “Forever it shall serve this cause, and in return you will be fully redeemed of this crime committed.” A ghostly form of Kida pulled away from his body- his Soul- then merged back within the white wolf. For a few moments he lay motionless, and then began gasping once again.

“Y-yours? Aren’t… all… souls…yours? Keeper of souls?” Kida coughed, gasping still. Slowly he sat up panting and looked up at the goddess.

“No, I own none but you now Kida. Never before have I owned a soul. You are hereby cursed to be a protector of the weak, a justice giver to the unjust, a hero to those who need saving. You are The Phantom, unknown to all yet a savior for all.” Finally recovering, Kida stood up all the way, his eyes wide.

“The body you inhabit now will age, however when you find your mate your body will die after she conceives. Born from her will always only be one child, a new body for your soul to inherit. The cycle your soul will undergo shall repeat until your debt is paid, Phantom. The Phantom will live on until the evil of this world ceases to exist. Only then will you be able to join the Afterlife.”
Kida’s mind was racing, “Wait, I’ll be my own child? I’ll die then be born again and then it’ll all just repeat? Why not make me immortal? What if I’m killed? How-”

Amatis stared at him, as if he’d suggested she give him wings. Then pushed on, her chin raised high.

“No one must know the real identity of The Phantom. With this curse also come great powers. You will never again be an ordinary wolf.” Amatis swiftly stepped forward, pressing her coal-black nose to his. “The strength of fifty horses, courage unyielding, swiftness of the deer, quietness of the moth… all of these are yours now Phantom; and so much more.” A burning sensation was flowing through him as he closed his eyes. As she stepped away he opened them again, his eyes as golden as the sun itself until they seemed to glow.

“I will be watching you always. Do your brother proud and embrace this gift. I will be your voice when you need it. Until then, I will see you come your next life.” With that, Amatis faded.


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∞The Phantom∞ Empty ~The Phantom~ Chapter 1

Post  ~Erratic~ Mon Oct 08, 2012 11:21 am

Chapter 1

Present Time...

Daylight bathed the entrance to the cave casting a glare as bright as the Sun itself on the path worn rock. Bird calls rang throughout the woods, through the hills, over the mountains, and down into the valleys forecasting a promising day.

Suddenly wolves of every color and size rushed into the quiet den, preparing certain parts of the den urgently. A small black and white male began dragging in an elk caught earlier that morning to a corner of the den and set soft moss soaked with water beside the prey. Almost running into him, a gray she-wolf hurriedly made her way to the very back of the cave into a tunnel that led into blackness then opened into a smaller cave.

She bowed to the two wolves sleeping in the den trying not to pant. “Good Morning King Jasper, Queen Sun.”

A large gray male wolf with black ears, and forelegs raised his head from where it lay on his mate.

“Good Morning, Abigail. Thank you, we’ll be on our way shortly.” Abigail dipped her head and began to back out of the den.

“Shall I wake Princess Radiance and Lady Claire, your majesties?”

“Yes,” Jasper nodded. “Yes, that would be just fine. Wake them- the pups!” He rose to his paws and nuzzled his mate as Abigail dipped her head once more and disappeared into the tunnel.

“Come, my dear Sun. Time to rise.” Jasper whispered to his mate as she raised her head and yawned.

“Fall with the moon, rise with the sun.” She groaned and sat up shaking her golden fur. “Oh bother!” Sun looked down at her ruffled and spiked pelt. “Look at my fur! Ugh! I look like a porcupine! You know I hate it when other wolves see me in this state! Why must Abigail wake us every morning?” She growled padding over to where the small pool of water was and looked at it with disgust. “She must laugh at the sight of me like this, I’m ugly!”

Jasper came up behind her and rested his tail on her shoulder. “Oh Sun, you’re beautiful. Let them laugh-“He was cut off as Sun growled low.

“Absolutely not! I will be no laughing stock of the Kingdom!” She snarled and began to pull away bitterly, but was stopped by Jasper.

“-let them laugh, Sun, because they’re poor souls don’t see your beauty, and I pity them dearly.” He licked her golden cheek and padded to the tunnel entrance. “I will call Claire to help you with your ruff, my dear.” And at that, he disappeared into the tunnel leaving Sun staring at her reflection in the water.


Jasper padded into the main den, wolves dodging out of his way as he made his way into the main room. Four wolves all covered in gruesome scars bowed before him. A large male, almost taller than the King, padded forward dipping his head slightly.

“Sir, the borders have been checked and the night was as quiet as usual-"

“Excellent!” Jasper interrupted. “Now where are my daughters…they’re late?” He glanced around as the tall wolf controlled his irritation.

“-but, we did find tracks and the scent of Bailer’s Rouges near the north border, they seemed too had vanished as we followed the trail.” Jasper swung his head back to the wolf, his eyes cooling into thin sheets of ice.

“Bailer’s Rouges… In the kingdom again? Are you positive Diego?” He growled low. “Those no good, low down scoundrels just don’t get that if they get caught they go for immediate execution?! “ Diego dipped his gray head and stared at the King with green eyes.

“We searched and checked out the whole area, but found no leading scent, Sir.” King Jasper raised his head and stared at the knights coldly, noticing the uneasiness in the group.

“Diego, is there anything else you would like to report?” His eyes rested on a tan wolf, muscular but small. “Flight, would you mind sharing? You do look as if you have something on your mind.” The brown she-wolf looked up clearly nervous while Diego gave her a glare to not speak.

“Y-yes Sir, we… also…found-“She hesitated slightly, he could see her swallow and imagine her mouth being dry.

“Spit it out, will you, Flight?” Jasper snarled in exasperation, rolling his eyes.

“Yes, Sir, along with the scent of the Rouges, we may have also found the scent trail of…” She let her voice fade away, and then swallowed. “…Of The Phantom, your Majesty.” The other three knights rolled their eyes and snorted in disgust.

“Flight, you fool!” Diego glared back at the she-wolf with a snarl. “We smelt no such thing and we agreed not to bring this stupid fantasy of yours up. The Phantom is nothing but a myth. How can you find the scent of a wolf that doesn’t even exist?“

“A myth?” Jasper smiled and gave a half-hearted laugh. “A myth doesn’t kill off knights of the king, does it? The Phantom killed many of my fathers, and his father’s before him wolves. He’s real alright; the trick is to just catch him.” Jasper flicked his ear hearing a small padding of paws behind him and turned his head to see Radiance staring at the knights.

“Oh, father, surely you’re not talking about The Phantom again!” She puffed. Diego bowed to her, and flicked his tail for the others to follow his action.

“Princess, please excuse us for disturbing you.” Again Diego glared over his shoulder at Flight, and she returned it evenly. “The conversation wasn’t about the “phantom” before you came.” Radiance sighed counting the knights.

“Whatever, I’ve heard too much about The Phantom all my life, I don’t want others to bring it up as well.” She snorted then padded toward the elk for the Royal Family. “By the way, where is Storm? He’s one of your newest high ranked knights, right? So shouldn’t he be with you?” Diego and the knights shrugged.

“He acts more like a new born pup than a knight!” A cream colored knight muttered. “I don’t get how he was made a high knight in the first place.” Jasper growled low and turned his back on the wolves.

“Such disrespect in my own den and against your King at that.” He turned his head and narrowed his eyes at the creamed knight. “Maybe I should be wondering why I made some of you my honored knights?” Jasper began to pad away back toward his den. “I'm going to go check on Sun and Claire. Patrol again and see if you can pick up those filthy rouge again, if so kill them. Same with The Phantom.” He mumbled and disappeared into the darkness leaving the others watching.
Radiance rolled her eyes as her father left, and then turned back to the knights.

“What are you all still doing here? Go!” She growled and fanned them away with her paw. A gray knight flattened his ears at her command, but backed down as Diego snarled.

“Of course; Right away, Princess.” Diego dipped his head and flick his tail commanding the other wolves to go. “Go, Denali.” He muttered to the gray knight and looked back at Radiance before they all exited the cave. Shaking her head, the black she-wolf turned away from the entrance, heading toward the fresh meat.

“Finally…” The she-wolf sighed in relief and turned around hearing her half-sister.

“Radiance! Good morning!” Radiance paused hanging her head for a moment pulling her eyes away from the prey, then padded to her sister as they both began to ruff-house. The every morning routine...

“Morning, Claire.” Radiance smiled and jumped on her sister rolling her over and pinning the yellow-colored wolf.

“Gotcha’!” While Claire tried to retaliate, Radiance pulled on her ear snarling playfully.

“Didn’t father see you? He was going to find you and mother.”

Claire shook her head, confused as she wiggled out from being pinned. “No, he looked like he was in deep thought and he was mumbling to himself again. I just walked right past him without getting a second glance. He gets like that you know.”

“You’d better go find him…he’ll be thinking he found you and then you disobeyed him, you know...”

Claire nodded and sighed, “You’re right,” She turned away, flicking Radiance in the nose. “I guess I’ll see yah later, sis.”

“Yeah, see yah. ” Radiance rubbed her nose with her paw before padding outside the den. The morning light made her fur glow as its warmth soaked into her. It was a perfect day to hunt, and it would taste much better than what the servants had brought in. She opened her eyes, smiling at the Mountains beyond. This was her home, her Kingdom. Strong, and beautiful, it was all going to be hers one day. Thenf rom behind she could hear voices, growls and whines, the unmistakable tone of her sisters sighs.

“Dad, I didn’t hear you! I'm Sorry….OKAY! Yes… Yes I understand…I'm going!” Radiance looked over her shoulder back into the Royal Cave, hearing Claire’s irritated growls still rumbling from within. Rolling her green eyes, Radiance turned back to the outside world.

It’ll be all mine one day when I rule this Kingdom with my mate…whoever that’ll be. Claire stood, holding her tail and head high. Wolves of the Kingdom of the Mountains, I thank you for coming to this spectacular meeting! I, Queen Radiance, present your magnificent and powerful King, King- She paused, fumbling for a name. King, err…Storm! She shook her head. Why did that name come first? How about King Diego? She imagined standing beside the tall muscular knight, overlooking the kingdom with commanding eyes. King Diego…

“It’s exciting, isn’t it?”

Radiance whipped around hearing her father, snapping out of the daydream. “Oh, hey Dad. And yeah, it is. It’ll be mine one day? All of it?” Her eyes sparkled.

“Of course, but not until you find yourself a suitable male.” Jasper smiled, lowering his head to her level. “I’d rather my daughter have a strong male to help her take care of the Kingdom, than for you to face that task alone.” He looked off into the distance. “It was so difficult for me without your mother. She was the energy and hope I needed to move forward toward my destiny.” Radiance frowned until Jasper licked her muzzle. “You’ll make an excellent Queen one day, my dear.”

“Thanks, Dad.” She nipped at his ear and quickly jumped to her paws. "I'm gonna go hunt! "

“Now do mind your boundaries!” Jasper’s voice was lost in the wind that blew by her ears as she burst through the tree line.


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∞The Phantom∞ Empty ~The Phantom~ Chapter 2

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Chapter 2

The forest sparkled with the morning dew, making the trees even more beautiful than they usually were in the autumn. Radiance was nothing more than a black blur, running through the forest. She crashed through the undergrowth that was in her way, flattening it, feeling invincible. All mine! As she crashed through another bush, she heard an agitated snarl. A peasant wolf was staring at her with an exasperating look, and then to where his prey had disappeared when she’d startled it, it’s white tail bobbing quickly away. Oops.


“Ignorant dunce!” The voice responded with a snarl, causing Radiance to halt. How dare a Peasant call me that? She turned to greet the Peasant with her hackles raised, but it loomed above her causing Radiance to hesitate. It was an old wolf, his muzzle gray, with an ugly scar across his right eye that was blind, breath stinking of carrion. Instantly the young black she-wolf backed down. This wolf is disgusting!

“I-I’m sorry I caused you to lose your prey… I didn’t realize you were hunting.” Radiance lowered her head, looking down. The old wolf smirked, snapping his jaws right near her face, eyes crazed.

“You’re the Princess, aren’t ye? Jasper’s stink is all over you. You wouldn’t know anything about the lives of ours in the Forest since you live in that big ol’ fancy cave with servants, would you? We peas’nts have ter hunt altha time.” He thrust his muzzle into her face, his breath making her almost gag. “What’s wrong, precious? Does the real life scare ye? If you lived the way we do, you’d understand.” With a big laugh he jumped on her, throwing her down and pinned her to the ground with a sweet smile. “Wanna’ see what the wild can do to a young n’ beautiful wolf such as yourself?”

“Get off me! I'm going to be Queen!” Terror flooded through Radiance as she struggled, but the old peasant was twice as big as her, there was no use.

“That’s wonderful but I’m sorry, precious, you’re gonna have to let me have my fun with you then I’ll see about letting you get up.” He jaws closed around her throat easily while she was froze in horror. Every part of her screamed to flee, but that would mean fighting... she was a princess, not a knight.

“Hey, get that sick beast off her!” A new voice appeared, followed by several new scents of wolf. The Old Peasant glanced up, snarling instantly and looking baffled. Suddenly he fell to the side as three wolves jumped on him, tearing fur right off his old shaking body. She was afraid to open her eyes.

Still in shock, Radiance sat up slowly watching the three wolves tear the old wolf apart. His howls of anger and pain died as the group stopped moving. The three jumped away from the gray wolf with their muzzles dripping, leaving his body in its own pile of blood and fur.

“You alright, My Lady?” She turned her head as a black-gray wolf came to stand beside her, lowering his head so his golden eyes could be level with her. “You shouldn’t be out this far from your cave. It can be dangerous in these parts.”

Defiance rose in her. “I am Princess and future Queen! I can go where ever I like in my own Kingdom! I was doing just fine, actually.”

A brown wolf came to stand beside the first, laughing. “Poor pup doesn’t realize where she is, does she Bailer?”

“Yes I do!” She hesitantly gave the brown wolf a glare before glancing around. The other two wolves, a pure black one and grey one, came to join them. The trees seemed to be different, thinner than earlier, and the ground sloped downward a bit. The air smelled of salmon and sweet grass. “I'm near the river…” Her stomach lurched; her father had told her to never go out this far by herself.

“Correct, give the puppy a prize!” Sneered the grayish Wolf, tossing a rock her way that jabbed her in the side.

“Knock it off, Blade. Don’t you know who this is? It’s the Princess and future Queen.” Bailer growled in a mocking tone. “Show her some respect.”

“Oh, the Princess! That changes everything!” Blade bowed until his snout touched the ground, then let out a loud laugh.

“Everyone bow down to the future Queen of the Kingdom!” The Brown Wolf, Monty, smirked. He glared over at the pure black wolf.

“You too, Snipe. Bow down to the all powerful Queen.” Snipe gazed at the two wolves, rolling his golden eyes.

“Enough, the lot of you,” Bailer sat down beside Radiance, his gray/black fur brushing hers. “Did that nasty creature hurt you?”

“No,” She murmured, unsure of the group of wolves around her. Her father had warned her of this part of the valley, the more untrustworthy wolves lived this way. This group seemed to be their own pack within the Kingdom, making her unsteady. Your loyalty was to the great pack of the Mountains- her Kingdom- not to certain families like this. She swallowed the next question.

“Is… is he dead?” Her eyes glanced across the clearing to the pile of fur and blood.

Monty jumped to his feet from his bow, padding sweetly to the Peasant’s body. He gave it a sniff while Blade gave it a strong jab with his paw. It didn’t move.

“Deader than a doornail, I'm afraid.” Blade called out grinning, then he and Monty bumped shoulders laughing. Radiance gave them a look of horror.

“Hey now, don’t give them such a nasty look, Princess. That mutt was going to…uh…well… he deserved to die.” Bailer hesitated as Snipe rolled his golden eyes yet again watching with bored distaste.

Radiance jumped to her feet, hackles rising as she growled. “You-you didn’t have to kill him though.”

“Innocence is such a hindering problem.” Snipe growled. “Foolish she-wolf,” Radiance growled, until he showed her abnormally long fangs through a smile. “Unlike them, I will kill you if you get on my nerves.” Quickly she was becoming aware of the circle they were forming around her, Bailer and Snipe in front, while Monty and Blade behind.

"Well... thanks for helping me and all but I've got to be on my way." Right as she went to turn back towards home, Bailer blocked her way.

"Don't be rude to us, princess." Suddenly the soft fatherly smile Bailer had been holding vanished, showing nothing but evil intentions. "Just because we got that low creature off you doesnt mean we'll just let you go free-"

“Bailer!” A deep howl sounded behind her and all the wolves whipped around. Knights emerged from the forest shadows, Diego at the lead. His green eyes were cold as he strode forward, muscles rippling beneath his pelt. “Get away from her.” His growl was the sound of thunder.

With a snort, Bailer and the others formed a tight line in front of Radiance, causing her to back up. “What’s going on? Diego!”

“Hello, Diego, Knights.” Bailer calmly let his eyes travel over the group of Knights assembled, about seven in all. “What a wonderful party you have with you today. Is there a celebration I didn’t hear about?”

“Shut your Muzzle, Rouge.” Diego snarled, the other Knights echoed the sound with their own. Pelts bristled and teeth shined in the half-light. “We clearly out number you, as always. Send the Princess over, and we just might spare your pitiful lives.”

Bailer gave his wolves a glance, smiling, and then turned back to Diego. “Come get her then, we'd love to have a little fun.” Howls of rage filled the air as Diego surged forward, the knights by his side. Radiance fell back as Monty turned on her, grabbing her by the scruff of her neck. She let out a yelp as he drug her down the incline to the river.

“Let go of me!” Radiance tried twisting her neck, wishing she could sink her teeth into the Brown Wolf.

“Shut it, apparently you’re our little hostage now. Let us have our fun like Bailer said!” He muttered through her fur, twisting her scruff so that she let out another yelp. Finally they came to the river, the incline of the bank giving her just enough footing to push off toward Monty. Not expecting it, he lost balance causing both to tumble into the river.

Radiance opened her eyes, the water filling her eyes and ears filled her with terror. She called out for help, but gurgled as water poured into her mouth. Swim, Radiance, swim toward the surface. You can do this. Willing her legs to carry her, she propelled herself to the river’s surface, coughing as she burst through to air. The surroundings were blurry, and she was unable to sense where Monty was. Then up ahead a branch protruding from the banks caught her attention. As she floated that way, she grabbed on, dragging herself up to the land until she hung half way on. Okay,good news I wont drown. Just gotta climb back to shore and avoid-

“Hello, Princess.”

Radiance glanced up, trying to blink the water out of her eyes. The scent stung her nose, and she knew the voice from earlier: Serene, calm, and Icy. Snipe stared down at her coldly, bright amber eyes baring a reserved hatred and of course, bored distaste.

“Foolish, She-wolf, looks like you’re in a predicament yet again. Why must Princesses always need saving? Where is your hero, damsel in distress?” He stared down at her paws that grasped the soil, assessing the situation. Then he lurched down, sinking his teeth into her right leg until she pulled back.

“Please, don’t.” Radiance whispered, forcing herself to replace her paw. Her limbs now felt like rubber, surely she would drown if she let go now.

“I don’t like damsels in distress, they annoy me. I kill things that annoy me.” Snipe said simply, bending down he grasped her right foreleg in his jaws and bit down until one of his teeth scraped bone. Radiance squealed in pain, now only holding on with one paw.

“Goodbye, Princess. Tell Monty I said to save a place for me in he//.” He bent down to bite into her left foreleg until a howl made him halt. “No…” Radiance’s last paw hold slipped and she was left fighting the current while holding onto a root of a tree in her jaws.

“You-!” Snipe’s voice had never sounded colder or more surprised.

“Snipe, it’s been a while, but I can’t say I'm pleased to see you. I saw Bailer and Blade run off a few moments ago, hauling tail back to Outside lands. Now, why aren’t you with them?” A new voice appeared and a new scent hit Radiance’s nose: stormy rains, Sweet grass, and spring. “Now, why don’t you do the smart thing and get out of here before you make things ugly for yourself? You've already done a pretty good job with it.”

Snipe answered with a snarl, then the rustle of leaves and snapping of teeth was all Radiance heard. A thud and whimper, then quietness.

“Now get out of here.” The unknown wolf bared his teeth beside Snipe’s ear, and then let the Rouge up watching the black wolf run off along the river side, limping slightly. Suddenly Radiance was pulled upward and dragged onto the land right as her jaws could hold her no longer. Still she coughed up water, and then glanced up bleary eyed.

Amber eyes stared back at her, calm and strong, they were surrounded by some type of black material… what it was, Radiance didn’t know. The wolf was white and his fur seemed to glow.

“Are you alright?” The gentleness of his voice startled her.

Trying to sit up, Radiance shook her head. “I-I think my leg is hurt.” Suddenly the sound of voices grew and the white wolf looked over at his shoulder. The knights were coming to the river, noses pushed to the ground.

“They couldn’t have taken her far!” She heard Diego’s voice in the distance.

“My Lady,” The White Wolf dipped his head then looked at her one last time before raising his head and letting out a long howl. Quickly he turned into the shadows, disappearing.

“Radiance!” Hearing the howl, the Knights surged forward toward her, Diego at the lead. He came to her side, pushing his nose into her while his fellow knights scattered around securing the area. “Did they hurt you?”

Absentmindedly she nodded, “My legs…” The golden eyes of the White wolf were still fresh in her mind, and the way he had just vanished into the shadows made her shiver.

“Did that Black Wolf do this to you? He took off after you and the other.” Diego’s voice was hard. “Who helped you?”

Radiance was silent for a moment, considering the possibilities, but there was really only one. “The Phantom.”


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∞The Phantom∞ Empty ~The Phantom~ Chapter 3

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Chapter 3

Storm padded quietly into the Knight’s cave, trying to avoid the stares of other Knights. He kept his eyes low, and acted as if he was distracted by something. From across the cave Diego caught sight of the white wolf, turning away from the group of knights he was with to stare at him. Ah please don’t come over here… Storm grunted as the Great Knight rose to his paws and padded in Storm’s direction.

“Storm, where were you? You missed the Morning Patrol and we had a run in with Bailer’s Rouges. We needed you, they’d kidnapped Radiance.” Diego stood a paw print away from Storm, his voice deep with a growl.

Storm paused, ears growing hot. “I’m sure you didn’t need me all that bad-“

“Every wolf is important, Storm. Every wolf has their part to play, and you weren’t there to play yours!” Diego narrowed his eyes. “You were somewhere else… where exactly would that be?”

“Hunting.” The white wolf answered instantly, keeping his eyes steady.

“Hunting.” Diego snarled, “That’s always your excuse! Hunting!! Where is your prey, Storm?” He bared his teeth, snapping them in his direction making the other male back up. “Did you eat it yourself, you selfish runt? You abandon your duty and hunt for yourself? Where is your loyalty, Storm?”

“No!” Storm snarled back, causing the Knights in the cave to gather around the quarrel, pelts bristling with the excitement of a possible fight. “You have no right to question my loyalty!” Storm raged, his heart pounding. He hated this wolf, and it always seemed like Diego tried to start fights between them.

“Don’t I?” Diego looked equally enraged.

“Boys! Enough!” A silver wolf shoved herself in between the two quarreling males, throwing them both back. “Fools,” She snarled.

“Shyla, get out of my way, this selfish brat,” Diego threw a hateful glare at Storm. “-deserves to be taught a lesson!” Storm growled a reply, returning the glare with his teeth bared.

“I don’t care, now get back.” Shyla snapped at Diego, her teeth grazing his muzzle. “You two always fight and butt heads and I’m sick of it. You’re the Lead Knight, Diego,” The silver she-wolf turned to Storm. “And you, Storm, need to start acting like a Knight. Respect each other if you expect any respect from us.” The knights gathered murmured in agreement and disappointment.

With one last snarl, Storm turned away padding toward the back of the cave to his nest. Arrogant, no good… The white wolf flopped down, hearing Diego and Shyla shouting behind him.

“Just stop it! Be our leader and control your anger!”

“Stop protecting him, I’ll do as I wish, Shyla.” I don’t need protecting, Diego. You just wait, one day I’ll show you who you’re dealing with.

Closing his eyes, Storm sighed as Diego began calling the Knights together to visit the Royal Cave, deliberately leaving out the white wolf. Good riddance… He muttered as paw steps left the Knight’s Den.


“Radiance! Radiance! Where is my daughter?” Sun, wild-eyed and frightened, flew from the Royal Cave, calling for her daughter. News of the Knight’s battle with the Rouges had already spread like wildfire around the kingdom. Rumors spread that the princess had died, others that she had been kidnapped, yet others that she was safe.

“Bring me my daughter!” Snarling the Queen shoved aside wolves that had gathered right outside the cave, King Jasper following desperately behind. Quickly Diego stepped forward from a group of knights sorting through the bystanders, dipping his head and stopped the King and Queen.

“Your Majesties,” Swiftly he dipped his head again. “I assure you that Princess Radiance is just fine. She suffered some minor cuts and bruises, but she is alive. I would have given my life for her, trust me-“

“That is your duty, you mongrel! Now get out of my way! I demand you take me to her! I shall not ask again.” Sun was about to leap onto the startled Knight before Jasper grabbed her gently by her golden tail.

“Darling, she is safe, there is no need to be violent towards the young wolves that saved her.” Turning to Diego, Jasper growled. “So where is my daughter?”

Clearing his throat Diego continued, “With a Healer, sir. I found it better for her safety to take her there for her wounds to be tended to right away rather than wait for them to perhaps worsen.” He narrowed his eyes lowering his head. “Was I wrong to take her care into mind first, my lord?”

“Of course not,” The King responded immediately, and then pushed forward past Diego. “Who did you take her to?”

“Violet, sir; the best Healer in the valley.”

“That ugly beast? My poor Radiance!” Sun cried in anguish, glaring at the Knight.

“I assure you she is fine.” Diego sighed, fighting to keep a small growl of aggravation out of his voice. “Like I stated, I would never let any harm come to her. I’ll lead you there.”

Diego turned to lead the way, King Jasper and his queen following quickly on his heels.

Leaves tumbled in the breeze, crisp and dry sounding in the late evening air. Waking with a start, Radiance found herself lying on the ground, unable to remember falling asleep in such a strange place. Slowly she stood up, shaking the dirt and dust that clung to her black fur, but as she did so her legs buckled sending her falling back to the ground with a groan.

“Please remain on the ground, Princess; your legs are too badly injured for you to be messing them up even more.” An unfamiliar voice sounded behind her, and as Radiance whipped around to identify the speaker she gasped. The wolf that stood before her was horrifying. WHY? Why must I find all the creepy disgusting peasants of this forest all in one day?

The she-wolf before her gazed at Radiance with blank eyes, both clouded over and runny, before turning back to her work. Muttering to herself, she chewed up what looked like herbs to a pulp before spatting them back out on a large oak leaf. As the old wolf spit out the herbs, yellowed and broken teeth showed causing Radiance to shiver with disgust.

What am I doing listening to that old she-wolf? She’s obviously a peasant that’s gross and lost her mind… chewing up plants just to spit them out? I learned from earlier today: do not stay with an old disgusting peasant, run! Baring her teeth in resolve, Radiance jumped to her feet once more, first pushing off with her back legs. Just as her front legs made contact with the ground she shrieked, a spiked pain shooting in a wave up both her legs and into her chest as she fell to the ground in a heap. With a growl, the old she-wolf padded and stood before the whimpering princess, grabbing her by the scruff to straighten her up.

“Why must you young wolves be on the run so often? And why can you not listen to orders? Young Lady, you may be the daughter of the king, but you should listen to instructions given. Especially if they are for your own well being!” Radiance sighed looking up, staring into the blind wolf’s eyes.

“Now, be a good girl and sit there while I put the ointment on your legs.” Again, the old she-wolf limped off, using her nose to guide her.

“Who are you? And how did I get here exactly?” Radiance finally decided to ask, looking down at her bitten forelegs. No wonder they hurt so badly. A constant throbbing had begun in her legs, making her wish she hadn’t jumped up the way she had.

“Violet,” The old she-wolf called out over her shoulder, still gathering the herbs together into a bundle. “I am the best shaman of this valley, and you will respect me as such, young one. As for you getting here,” Violet turned toward Radiance as if she could see. “Your lovely Knight brought you here after you passed out at the river. You do remember the events of this morning, correct?”

Radiance nodded, although it felt like ages ago. I didn’t realize I passed out… She thought back to the river, blinking as amber eyes shined in her memory and a deep beautiful howl sounded in her ears. The Phantom! I saw the Phantom! I saw the Phantom… No, that couldn’t be possible. He was a myth, a legend. Right…? After all, it had existed now for countless generations and no single wolf could ever live that long. Perhaps it was just Diego that she had saw, and the pain and river water in her eyes had caused her to imagine things. Still… those amber eyes…

“...looking at you with such worry before.” Violet had made it to Radiance, the chewed up herbs on the leaf at her paws smelled strongly, shocking her out of her thoughts.


“The knight, the large grey one with the blue eyes, that brought you here,” The old wolf blinked as Radiance nodded, embarrassed she’d totally zoned out. “I said I’ve known him since he was a pup when his mother use to bring him to me if she thought he had the coughs. I’ve never seen him act the way he did with you yesterday, the way he was looking you with such worry, he’s never acted like that with any wolf before. Everyone else only sees the threatening side of him, he was vulnerable with you.” Violet smiled at her, dipping her paw in the slime and placed it over one of Radiance’s bite marks on her right leg.

“I think he may have feelings for you, princess.” Radiance gasped in pain and shock as Violet placed her grimy paw on the wound and rubbed in the herb. The black wolf shook her head, totally unfocused on the fact that her wound was screaming in agony.

“What? How can he have feelings for me!? We’ve never really talked or been friends! He’s just a knight, and I’m a princess—“

“And a future Queen that will have to find her mate very soon. He is the lead Knight; strong, powerful, and brave,” Violet moved on to the next leg after sniffing the previous one, happy with her work. “Diego would make a very fine King and mate, and I believe it would be wise to give him a chance, young princess.”

Radiance shook her head, baffled, and looked away. No! I don’t know him and he doesn’t know me. But… he is great... how many times have I imagined going out of the cave with him on a patrol with the other knights? Lots…

“But what do I know?” Violet cackled, rising to her feet. Radiance glanced down at her paws, surprised to see them covered in the green slime. “I’m just a poor old gross and blind she-wolf with nothing better in the world to do that chew up leaves and spit them out.” Her blind eyes shined with laughter as Radiance’s mouth opened in awe. She hadn’t actually said that out loud earlier did she? How did she know what I was thinking?

Right as she went to respond, the brush in front of her rustled revealing a very distressed yellow she-wolf, followed by the King and Diego himself.

“Mother!” Radiance almost jumped to her feet again before remembering the pain it would cause. Queen Sun licked her daughter’s face, whining, and Radiance licked her back until she remembered Diego. Oh…! How embarrassing…

“Mom; Mom, stop it!” She jerked her face away, feeling her ears grow hot as she noticed Diego’s mouth curve up.

“I’m sorry, dear! I was just so worried about you…!” Sun went to cover her daughter in licks again before King Jasper gently tugged her tail.

“Give her a little air; she’s been through a lot.” Jasper stepped forward, stretching his head downward and touched his nose to his daughter’s. “Diego told me the whole story. We are so glad to have such a brave daughter and such loyal Knights.” He glanced back at Diego, who quickly dipped his head.

“Loyal until the end, my Lord.” The great wolf bowed his head, without first sneaking a peek at Radiance. Oh my Spirits… Violet was right! Why hadn’t I noticed before? Radiance turned to search for Violet, curious to hear what she had to say about all this.

“Ah yes,” Jasper followed her gaze until it rested on the old she-wolf, now lying down with her head on her old paws. “Thank you for taking such good care of her, Violet.” Radiance heard her mother growl something about dust, dirt, and slime.

Violet raised her head, her blank eyes showing no emotion. “It was my pleasure Jasper. It’s clear you’re taking her from me, and it will be your job to tend to her wounds now. She is not to walk on her own for another night, and if the wounds grow angry, bring her to me immediately.” The King nodded, turning back to his family.

“Let’s get you home,” He smiled at Radiance, and then padded to her side to try to lift her up, groaning as his back popped.

“Jasper, your back is in no condition to carry her all the way back.” Sun sighed, managing to lick Radiance’s head once more.
Diego stepped forward; lowering his gaze to meet Radiance’s causing her ears to burn again, and then looked up at the King.

“If you would both allow it, I would be more than honored to assist you in taking her home. After all, I brought her here.”

“Thank you,” Together, they both lifted Radiance onto his back. She was more than uncomfortable. I guess I get no say in this do I…?

“Please forgive me if I’m not a smooth ride,” Diego called back, grinning over his shoulder.

“No problem, don’t worry about it.” She mumbled and With a last look, Radiance gazed over her shoulder at Violet, just in time to see her snickering before the bushes closed off the view.


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∞The Phantom∞ Empty ~The Phantom~ Chapter 4

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Chapter 4

It was nightfall by the time the four wolves made it back to the royal cave, all but Radiance were panting from the trip. The night was quiet, only a few servant wolves hung by the cave entrance to guard it, dipping their heads in a bow as they all passed through the opening.

“Thank you for escorting us back Diego, you are dismissed.” Jasper turned to the grey wolf, nodding his thanks before turning away to the tunnel that led to his and the Queen’s resting area.

Diego hesitated, his eyes darting back to Radiance. “May I see Radiance to her chamber, Sir? Surely you do not intend for her to stay out here in the open?” Radiance pricked her ears, her belly churning. I don’t want to be alone with him… not now. Please say no, father!

Sun opened her mouth to speak, and then stopped padding to her mate. Keeping her eyes on the Knight she whispered in Jasper’s ear, who nodded while his eyes narrowed. Diego watched, no emotion flickering from him.

“Very well, but do not be long Knight. You may have helped today, but you are dismissed after this. We know we can trust you, but you’ve worked hard enough today. Radiance will be safe in her nest.” Jasper turned his gaze to his daughter. “We’ll be sure to send Claire in there with you tonight, my dear.”

“You don’t have to, I’ll be fine-“ Radiance sighed as no one really heard her mumble.

“I’ll be sure she settles in just fine, my lord.” Diego went to dip his head, causing Radiance to slip forward and almost to the ground. Her left leg dangling down hit the ground, causing her to yelp and Sun to snarl, threatening to leap forward.

“My apologies miss!” He immediately turned his head to fix her, wiggling his shoulders, and straightening his back.

“Take her there and Leave, Diego. Now, before you hurt her.” Sun snarled, showing her white fangs. Quickly and carefully, Diego padded through the tunnel on the left to Radiance’s cave. Her nest was on the back right corner, and was easy to spot. The gray wolf crouched at the edge of it, lowering the black she-wolf to the soft moss.

For a moment he stood there, his head bowed. Radiance stared at him, unsettled by the silence. Why is he just standing there? Is he waiting for me to say something? Clearing her throat, Radiance sighed. Guess I should thank him or something… maybe I’ll do what Violet said and give him a chance.

“Thank you, Diego,” The gray Knight’s head popped up, his eyes steady as if he fed on her words. “Thanks for helping me today…. Or, well, saving me and stuff…” SPIRITS, why is this so hard?

“And… um…” Radiance was still searching for words when Diego leaned down, his nose by hers but not quite touching it. Not expecting the gesture she pulled back quickly, looking away in embarrassment. Diego stood back up, his tail rigid. Is that disappointment in his eyes?

“Radiance, I would give my life for you. I-“He hesitated, and she could see the strong rock-hard wolf everyone knew grow very vulnerable right in front of her eyes. Violet was right after all... Radiance had never seen this confident leader lost for words, or even nervous for that fact.

“…I would do anything for you. But please, don’t be afraid of me. I’ll never mistreat you. You’ll get nothing but respect from me, ever.” Diego slowly unstiffened until he heard paw steps behind him scuff the dirt.

“My Lady,” Quickly Diego bowed his head and turned away, padding toward the exit right past a very surprised Claire, who turned to watch the large grey knight disappear into the tunnel’s darkness. With a smirk, Claire turned back to Radiance.

“I just want you to know that I DID see that.” She grinned, padding up to her sister, but frowned quickly once her eyes met the bite wounds on Radiance’s legs.

“You saw nothing,” Radiance looked down at her legs also, hoping she could avoid the subject all together.

“Diego and you, you and Diego… what a sweet couple you two would be!” She joked as Radiance growled, then plopped down beside the black wolf. “Father told me to stay with you tonight,” Claire’s voice grew serious, moving her paw by the worse of the bite marks.

“I don’t know why, I’m perfectly fine. Why everyone thinks I’m so fragile is beyond me.” Radiance growled suddenly becoming irritated, resting her head on the ground beside her feet.

“Well, you’re the princess-”

“So?” Radiance raised her head, her heart hammering in her chest. Somehow all the stress of the day had finally caught up to her. “Just because I’m the Princess doesn’t mean I’m weaker than anyone else! I can be a great Queen on my own without everyone sheltering me all the time. Maybe I’ll be a mate less Queen and there won’t be a King. I don’t need any males to take care of me-!”

“Stop, Radiance” Claire put her paw up to her mouth, shutting her jaws. “Is this all because I saw you with Diego a few moments ago? You know I was just kidding, right?” She tipped her head to the side. “No one thinks you’re weak. If anything you were strong facing those rouges by yourself today until the Knights even showed up. Father just sent me to give you company really…” She smirked to herself.

“If anyone is called weak, it would be me. I feel as if I’m below you all. But I guess in a way I am, since I’m not completely of royal blood.” Claire sighed, and then smiled shaking off the dull feelings that had settled in, something she was good at. It wasn’t often that Claire talked of her real father, a kingdom wolf named Mink that had gone rouge after murdering a few wolves. Sun had left him months before he was exiled but was still blessed with his child, then had met Jasper, whom gladly adopted the pup as long as they had a full blooded royal pup.

“You’re my sister, and you’re equal to me no matter what.” Radiance nuzzled Claire’s ear, resting her head down. Claire did the same.

“Goodnight,” Claire whispered.

“Yeah, goodnight."


For Storm, the morning sunlight came early, as did the patrol. He was woken by the barks of Diego, shouting out commands to the knights. As every dawn was like this, Storm figured he should be use to it already, but the white wolf rolled back over grunting instead.

“Storm?” A small voice whispered near his ear. “Storm, wake up.” Growling slightly, he turned his head to see a small brown she-wolf staring at him intently with emerald green eyes.

“I’m sure the borders are fine, Sweet, but my beauty sleep is in incredible danger.” He mumbled, rubbing his face with his paw.

“Beauty sleep? It’s way too late for that,” Sweet laughed, flicking his black nose with her paw.

“Hey now,” Storm began, almost sneezing.

Sweet jumped away from him, looking back. “Seriously, Storm, get up. I don’t want to see you and Diego go at it already this morning. It’s already bound to happen during this patrol anyway.”

“Yeah, because he enjoys tempting me to fight him, and one day it will happen.” Storm got to his paws, shaking out his white fur. He wished that one day he could just end it all, and show Diego what he was really capable of.

“Storm, Sweet! You both are on this patrol, so get yourselves over here! We must have this border check finished by noon.” Speaking of whom, Diego’s bark snarled from the Knight’s Den entrance. Sweet glared at Storm, padding quickly to the patrol that had gathered, Diego at the lead.

The small patrol headed out, leaving seven other knights left at the Knight’s den, just in case they were needed. It wasn’t often that the knights were called on since there were only the few small quarrels here and there. No other Kingdom dared to threaten this one, so battles between the Knights and Outside wolves were bare minimal to none at all. Only recently had rouges began to threaten Peasant lives, the most prevalent being Bailer’s wolves.

Patrols were a pain to wake up for, but they always gave Storm the wake up call to get himself moving. It was great daily training, to make sure you were still healthy enough to pad the almost whole perimeter of the valley where the Kingdom lands stretched; at least 3 miles by 5 miles. The patrols were even used to test the newly made Knights, if they could travel the distance and keep up, they would be knighted by the king.

The wolves were on the west side of the border now, pines were spread out here, but the further west you went the deeper and darker they got until the territory ended giving way to Outside lands. Wonder if Bailer and his gang are out there right now? Storm narrowed his eyes at the thickness and darkness of the branches, almost letting out a growl.

“Hey, you okay?” Sweet kept pace with him at his side, her pelt brushing his as they jumped over a fallen log at the same time. I didn’t mean to growl out loud!

“Yeah, I’m fine. A pine needle just stuck my paw pad.” Storm lied, looking forwards. Diego was at the lead of course, followed by Flight, Thomas, Thorn, and then Storm and Sweet, while Bird was guarding the back.

“You’re pretty bad at lying,” Sweet countered as Storm looked at her questioningly. She gazed past him to the left into the dark pines. “They’re in there somewhere, all of them hiding together. You were thinking of them right?”
“Bailer and his friends?”

Nodding, the she-wolf slowed a bit before Bird barked at her to keep going. “Yeah, Bailer…and the Phantom too.” The last part threw Storm off, causing him to almost trip over some loose brambles crawling along the forest floor.

“The Phantom,” he panted. “Why would he be in Outsider Lands? I thought you didn’t believe in that legend anyways. Have you converted?” Storm teased, pricking his ears.

“Well, yesterday was just a bit strange when the rouges had captured Radiance. You wouldn’t know of course because you skipped out on us,” She teasingly glared at him and continued, “Anyway, when we found her she was a few feet from the river like she had been drug out by someone. She was murmuring something about seeing the Phantom. The shape she was in… there was no way she could have drug herself out of the water like that. So…”

“So you just suppose she did see the Phantom then? Maybe one of the rouges is actually a sweet heart and decided to not let her drown?” The white wolf laughed, quieting slightly as Diego glared over his shoulder and growled.

Sweet lowered her voice, “Diego doesn’t believe in the Phantom, so he thinks she was hallucinating and did get herself out. Plus, I think he’s sweet on her so he wants to make her sound brave. And you really think that?” She raised an eyebrow. “One of those filthy mutts would never help anyone else, especially after putting them into that situation in the first place.”

“Well, it’s possible…”

Sweet shook her head, panting. “You didn’t see them yesterday. Those wolves have absolutely no morals or cares in the world!” She glanced at Storm, swerving around a tree. “Where were you really yesterday?” Before he could respond, she countered. “And don’t you even dare say you were out hunting because we both know that is a lie!”


“What is this?!” Diego halted suddenly, the rest of the patrol sliding to a standstill, Storm and Sweet almost running into the big grey wolf. “We are on a Patrol, yet you two are chattering together like a bunch of birds. You both know very well that talking is kept to a bare minimum because we are supposed to stay quiet. If there were any rouges, they could hear you coming from miles away!” Diego looked directly at Storm. “Even trainees know that basic rule.”

“We’re sorry, okay? Keep your fur on.” Storm growled, and yet again the air began to radiate with tension between the two males like the night before. Diego stared down at the white wolf, daringly so, and Storm equally returned it. Perhaps this was it, this may be where their fight would take place.

“Storm, Storm please stop it. Look away, please!” Sweet’s ears were flattened against her head as she whispered in his ear. The she-wolf had started to back away from Diego, her instincts ruling that he was indeed superior to her. Instead, Storm growled low and deep, and saw a quick flash of shock pass through the Lead Knight’s eyes. I bet he’s never had another wolf stand up to him like this. That gave Storm even more satisfaction.

Thomas and Flight shared a frustrated and confused glance at their leader and Storm, unsure of how to act. But Thorn, the brown and black wolf, rolled his eyes stepping beside Diego.

“Storm, you should learn you place. Diego is right; we must be silent on these patrols.” The wolf had a pleasant deep tone to it, one that matched him well. “And it is not your place to challenge him.” Diego took a step forward, his hackles had risen while Thorn spoke, and his lips were pulled back revealing sharp teeth.

“No, no, let him challenge his superior. That’s the way things are, Thorn. This one just doesn’t realize how in over his head he is, and it will be the fall of him.” He stepped forward again, challenging Storm to make his first move. The two males glared intently at one another.

“Sir, we have no time-”

“We need to get this over with, once and for all.” Diego was about to leap forward before Flight called out, her excitement dissipating the sharp tense feeling around them.

“Look!” Diego instantly whirled around, while Storm fought to hold himself back from jumping on the unsuspecting wolf. “Deer! And the first one I’ve seen in a while!”

“Flight, Thomas, you two cut north and cut off its path of escape. Thorn and Sweet will head it off from behind.” Taking a deep sigh, Diego gazed at Storm. “Storm and I will lead the attack.” The white wolf narrowed his eyes in disbelief. We were a second away from ripping each other apart and now he asks me to be his little hunting buddy?

“Quickly, before it escapes!” Diego barked, and instantly the Knights broke apart, the pairs heading off quickly in the directions they were assigned. The great grey wolf signaled Storm to follow, and quickly the two wolves trailed the deer together.

The forest had gone deathly quiet, as if waiting for the cry of the wolves after they had caught their prey. Storm increasingly became uncomfortable, beginning to realize how Diego had split up the patrol.

He sent everyone off in two different directions, both of which the deer probably will not go. He sent them away from us. He chose me to trail with him… Diego had gotten Storm alone, from any sort of help, and was now ready to strike at any moment.


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∞The Phantom∞ Empty ~The Phantom~ Chapter 5

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Chapter 5

“So you believe the deer went this way?” Storm asked cautiously, fighting to keep himself calm and his ruff down while Diego sniffed around. To look busy, he put his own nose to the ground and sniffed around each bush hoping he would run into at least some clue that it did indeed go this way.

“Of course, why would I lead us astray?” The gray knight glanced up as Storm paused, his eyes narrowing. Sensing the growing anticipation from the white wolf, Diego straightened, his lips pulled back into a snarly smile.

“You think I got you alone to fight me, don’t you?” He growled with a sneer, shaking his head.

“That is why you asked me to come with you. We clearly did not go north, the way the deer obviously went, and where you told Flight and Thomas to go to.” Storm was standing a few feet away; his muscles had begun to shake in anticipation. “You just used the deer as a distraction.”

“You really are a fool, Storm.” Diego laughed, stepping closer. “I don’t have to get rid of everyone to fight you; I could simply command them to heal while I tear you apart.” Storm bared his teeth and with a deep growl he lurched forward, snapping, forcefully making the first move. At once the two males converged, hateful barks and bloody fur flying as they attacked one another.

Shortly, Diego was the first to break apart after throwing Storm to the ground; he could hear the gray knight snickering. Kill him. Kill him now and get it over with! Storm’s mind shouted, but as he got to his paws Diego forced him onto his chest. The white wolf’s paws scrapped the ground as he fought to bring the breath back into his chest. No, no you can’t kill him… that’s not you, Storm.

“Enough of this! I proved my point right when I threw you to the ground.” Diego stared down; his blue eyes were like rolling waves. “I may hate and despise you, but I will never kill my own.” He moved to the side taking the pressure off of Storm, allowing him to rise to a sitting position coughing.

“This fight is over. Do not follow us on the patrol, and do not come on any more unless I order it. I don’t care what Jasper says, you are not a High Knight.” Panting, Storm watched with a cold glare as Diego turned away back towards the way they had come. Right as he was about to enter the shadows, a small head popped through the bushes; it was Sweet. Her eyes widened as she saw the condition of the wolves before her, her eyes resting briefly on Storm before darting quickly to Diego.

“Thorn took the deer down, Sir. Thomas helped to finish it off. We have it towards the river where it was cut off by the water…”
Diego nodded as if not noticing her surprised expression.

“Excellent! The Royal Family shall eat as they should tonight.” He began to walk forward, but paused as Sweet didn’t move, she was staring at his bloody bite marks.

“What happened, Diego? Why do you both look as if you ran into a full pack of rouges?” Sweet whispered, then glanced questioningly at Storm. Storm returned her gaze, his golden eyes unblinking.

“It was nothing you need concern yourself with Sweet, as it is taken care of.” Diego stepped to the side, blocking her view of the white knight. “I would like to see this deer that was caught then finish up the patrol, if you don’t mind.”

“But, what about--”

“Go, Sweet. Now,” Diego growled, and immediately the smaller wolf’s head disappeared into the bush, followed by Diego himself. Storm was left alone in the small clearing, his bloody wounds still dripping.

For a while, Storm sat there until his breath came back and his wounds ceased to sting. His head hung, his eyes were closed… he was disappointed in himself far more than he ever thought could be possible. There was an angry regret churning in his stomach, one that made him clench his teeth together and dig his claws into the ground. Diego, his rival, had easily just slipped through his fangs… because of what? He couldn’t bring himself to kill the wolf.

In his mind, it made perfect sense to rid himself of the problem wolf. To just kill the overly prideful jerk and be done with it. But it couldn’t happen… because-

“Hi, there.”

Storm jumped, looking up to see a young pup staring at him with wide eyes. He sat there, watching as the pup cautiously sniffed his way, still keeping far enough away for escape.

“You gots lotsa blood on you, mister,” The pup cocked his head to the side. “What happened to you? Dida’ bear attack you? Or a bobcat? Or a Mountain Lion? Or--”

“Easy there, kid. It doesn’t matter.” Storm stood up, shaking out his blood matted fur.

“Who are you then, mister? I haven’t seen a wolf like you around our village b’fore. You’re huge!” The brown pup came closer, curiously getting the best of him. Storm flicked an ear, he hadn’t realized how close Diego had led them to the Peasant’s land.

“The name is Storm. A Knight of the Kingdom,”

“WHOA! I just saw the patrol go by! When I get bigg’r I’m going to be on that patrol and kill mean wolves! They won’t bother my village one bit!” Storm nodded, but an uneasy feeling still settled over him. It finally hit him.

“Wait, we never did cross the river… why is your village on this side of the river?” Storm was puzzled; all of the peasants were located closer to the heartland of the Kingdom and always have been. These peasants had relocated to the outskirts, dangerously close to outside lands, but why?

“Oh I dun no. Momma said—OH, can you teach me a fighting move Super duper quick, pleassssee?!” The pup jumped up and down, his tail wagging fiercely.

Shaking his head, Storm lowered himself to the pup’s level. “Where is your mother? Or your village? I need to know why you all have moved here, it’s very important. You can be a junior knight as you show me.” That’ll get him.

“Yes! This way! I’ll lead you!” Immediately the small pup bounded up a small slope, obviously heading upriver. As Storm took a few steps forward, he winced as a sharp pain ran up his back leg. Ouch…

“Come on!”

“Right on your tail,” Storm quickly caught up to the young pup, curiosity causing him to forget his wounds.

It wasn’t long before Storm began to pick up the scents of many other wolves, Peasants in particular. They had a different scent, earthier and mustier than Knights or the Royal family. This part of the forest was a bit thicker, and very close to the dark pines that marked outsider territory. Why they would move here is a huge question. This is probably the most dangerous part of the Kingdom.

He halted just short of a small clearing while the pup burst in, the pelts of many wolves could be seen. Storm narrowed his eyes looking through the brush, catching his breath. Brown, grey, and other pelts were splattered with dry blood, already crusted and staining the Peasant’s pelts. He pricked his ears watching the pup approach a she-wolf that was un-mistakenly his mother.

“Mother, mother! You won’t believe what I brought back with me! This is-” The pup turned around, his excited smile turning into a frown as he noticed his surprise had not followed. Storm felt a twinge of guilt as the pup’s tail drooped.

“Did you find prey, Eagle?” The mother nuzzled her son, but he turned away.

“No! It’s even better!” Eagle began to pad to the brush where Storm was concealed. “He followed me here; he asked me to take him to our village.”

The black she-wolf got to her paws, a worried expression across her face. A lengthy, thin dark brown wolf came beside her, his voice deep. “Eagle… who asked this of you? Did they follow you here?”

“Of course! He’s-” Before the pup could finish, Storm stepped through the brush. Gasps and growls erupted across the small clearing, each pelt bristling and all ears pricked. The lengthy dark brown male stepped forward towards him, his teeth bared. Alarmed, Eagle ran behind his mother, the black she-wolf nuzzling the pup behind her.

“Please, I mean no harm--” Storm began, stepping a paw-step closer.

“Come no closer, stranger.” The dark brown wolf warned. “You have no business here. Turn back now.” Slowly the Peasants began to encircle Storm. His eyes glanced their way, once again disturbed by the state of the wolves. Now he could easily see the indention of their ribs, the sleeplessness of their dull eyes… they were in no state to fight.

“Listen, I am no stranger. I am of this Kingdom, as you are. My name is Storm, a Knight and your protector.” Storm dipped his head at the male. Clearly he was the Chief of this village. The wolves once again erupted in gasps and growls, of which was followed by whispers, none of which he was able to hear.

The Chief raised his muzzle, letting out shrill bark. “Be calm my family!” His amber eyes gleamed in the half-light as they settled on Storm.

“Our protector are you? How amusing! Knights care nothing for us. To them we are worthless.” The Chief spat at the ground Storm stood. Surprised, the Knight stepped back a step. The black she-wolf came to stand beside the leader, while Eagle cautiously stepped in between him and the Knight.

“Bracken, I-I don’t think he’s trouble.” Eagle was quickly silenced by the glare of the brown wolf, and retreated behind his mother once again.

“The child is right. I only wish to know why you have moved your village to this side of the river. I am not like most Knights.” Storm dipped his head again, hoping to show that he respected the old wolf. The black she-wolf whispered in Bracken’s ear, and all were silent in the clearing.

“Very well, if you wish to know, Raven will tell you why we have relocated ourselves here. It pains me too much…” Bracken turned away, allowing the black she-wolf to take his place.

She was slender, her ribs showing easily through her dull black pelt. Her son had the same features, only he had a grey pelt. Raven’s eyes were a dull blue and Storm was sure they were most beautiful if she were healthy.

“We moved here not too long ago, keeping ourselves hidden from others of the Kingdom, relying on ourselves for everything. The wolves you see here are only a portion of what our village previously was,” Storm followed her gaze as she looked around at the wolves surrounding them.

“The blood you see upon our pelts was from a battle where we were finally forced from our home by the north pond. They took so many of us… including my mate; Eagle’s father.” Raven licked her son gently.

Storm stood quietly, wondering how all this had all gone unheard by the Royalty and the Knights… and himself.

“Who drove you away? Another Village?”

“No! Us Peasants would never turn on one another,” Raven growled as the rest of the wolves echoed her. “Rouges drove us out from the north; Blood thirsty demons whose only goal was to heartlessly kill others! So we were forced to move here, across the river to the only place available and hopefully safe. We have not been able to find prey in this part of the woods.”

Rouges? From the north? Could they be Bailer or others we do not know anything about yet? Bracken snarled lightly stepping forward again.

“See! You Knights claim to protect us! You even go on these little patrols, pretending to defend us from outsiders. But we were still driven out by Rouges that you all haven’t even noticed. We are starving! Because of you my son is dead!” Several wolves rushed forward to hold Bracken back from lunging at Storm. “We are worthless to you! Worthless!”

Storm shook his head, shaken. “What did these wolves look like?”

“The leader was a big ugly dark grey wolf, another about the same. A black one… he killed my mate. And a brown one.” Raven watched as the small group of wolves carried Bracken away.

“Bailer and his wolves… so they’re also attacking from the north as well.” Storm thought out loud.

“So you know them?”


“They were not the only wolves to drive us away. There was one that no one got a good look at.” Storm pricked his ears.

“He was of our Kingdom, and carried the scent of the Knights.” Raven paused, the rest of the village gathering behind her. “That is why we trust no Knight, Storm. We have no reason to trust you; for all we know you could have been that wolf.”

“That’s impossible… one of our own leading the rouges?” Storm shook his head. The village wolves had gotten into an attack formation again, Raven now at the lead. Even little Eagle had his ears flattened and his small fangs bared.

“Knights are not to be trusted!” One of the villagers snarled.

“Traitors!” Another growled.

“Liars, saying they would protect us!”

Storm backed up, clearly aware he was outnumbered. In the condition they all were in however, he could easily kill them off one by one. He would never do that though.

“I am not! You all are right! We should have protected and defended you from those wolves. I’m more disappointed in myself than in my fellow knights. I, myself, should have been the first to help you all.” Each of the villagers paused, looking at one another with curious glances. Raven narrowed her eyes at the white wolf.

“You wish to bare all the responsibility of our safety on your shoulders?” One called out, a young grey wolf with forest green eyes.

“The Phantom is the only wolf who would dare to do that,” Another commented. “Do you claim to be that wolf?”

“He is white! His eyes are golden! Could he be the one?”

“He is the one sent to save us!”

Raven walked forward until her nose was almost touching Storm’s, her eyes shimmering with tears. “Whoever you are, Phantom or not… will you protect us against this coming evil? Far worse is coming of this if Knights are beginning to team up with Rouges… evil that can only be quenched with a hero. Your heart is pure, I sense this now. You are he.”

Storm was silent, turning his gaze to each and every Peasant who watched him with hopeful eyes. “I sware to you I will find out who this traitor is, and get you all back home.”


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